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The Starter-Guide on Post-Sale Content Marketing

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Erika Jakobi, author of the article with title "The Starter-Guide on Post-Sale Content Marketing"

Author: Erika Jakobi

Date of Publication: 27/10/2022

Teamwork - Coffee - The Starter-Guide on Post-Sale Content Marketing

Whoever works in Marketing knows the basic principle: the customer is king. That does not only apply before and during the process of customer communication, but also after you sold your product or service to the customer. After the start of the pandemic two years ago, companies had to deal with financial difficulties and the related drop of customers. For those reasons, businesses started to recognize the importance of the customer experience throughout all channels.

Engaging with customers post-sale is just as important as establishing new customers relations. Furthermore, it is just as challenging if not even more challenging because at this point you need to prove what you promised to the customer. This makes the difference between a one-time buyer or a long-term customer. Additionally, developing a good content marketing strategy will establish brand loyalty which makes it more likely for customers to “spread the word” about what you offer.

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How do you establish post-sale customer experience?

What we learn in business when it comes to successful customer engagement is to create value. And this is exactly how to keep future buyers to repurchase from your business and not move to the next company. There are many ways how to provide value and create brand loyalty throughout your customer management chain. However, to understand what type of content you need for your marketing strategy depends on whether we look at a B2C or B2B relationship.

Business2Customer marketing

  • Follow-up emails: starting with a simple thankful message for choosing the companies’ product/service

  • Surveys: receiving feedback on the product itself, customer service…

  • Newsletters: by sending newsletters that include information about new product releases, educational materials, and more you avoid sending spam advertisement.

  • Set common goals: by setting goals with your whole marketing team about the content and customer management these areas can significantly improve – seems simple but overlooked by many.

  • Include community manager: Community Manager build and maintain a brand's community. To reach all audiences, the position calls for engaging audiences through different outlets such as online forums, social media platforms, etc.

Business2Business marketing

  • Video tutorials: e.g., how other clients used the product.

  • Product feature tours: present specific functions of products via documents or videos.

  • E-books: shared or send to the client to demonstrate how the product works.

Laptop - Diagram - Tablet - The Starter-Guide on Post-Sale Content Marketing

Tips on content marketing for successful post-sale customer engagement

a. Utilizing the information you gathered about your consumer while creating pre-sale material, it's essential to develop a relationship with them. It can give insight into the topics that will be popular following the sale.

b. “Stand by your promise.” – You must show that the product truly meets the demands and offers solutions after you have sold it to the buyer. The content the marketing team develops must discuss solutions and examples that eventually convince the buyer.

c. You want to make sure they have a memorable experience and stick around for more once they begin to interact with your business and your product.

Nevertheless, we should not forget to keep a healthy balance like with most things in life. You want to keep the customer engaged not enraged with an overwhelming number of emails. With these tips it will become easier to create successful marketing content and to engage and keep more customers in the future.


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