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At Vision Factory we provide you with an opportunity for an internship in Barcelona. This will be in one of the most exciting and interesting career fields: translation.


Whether you are planning to do your internship as part of the Erasmus program or not, you can benefit from this practical experience by joining our team. Since we are looking for motivated and talented candidates all year, you can decide when you would like to start your internship and for how long you would like to do it. We offer most of our internships in English, so if you think that the field of tourism is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

Translation Internship Tasks at our Translation 
Department in Barcelona

As an intern at our translation department, your main tasks include:

  • Translating websites and training materials from English to your mother tongue 

  • Writing new articles for a company blog

  • Translating existing articles on the company blog

  • Translating guides

  • Translating documents for VISA applications

  • Translating contracts, agreements, letters

apply now by
sending your CV to:

What we expect from you as a translation intern

  • You can skillfully use Microsoft office software (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

  • You have good English reading and speaking abilities and excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • You are highly motivated to contribute your skills and knowledge about translation to our daily business

Communicating with Sign Language

What you can expect from us in return

  • A friendly atmosphere at a comfortable office in Barcelona

  • Work experience in an international and dynamic team

  • The chance to earn high commission for your successful work 

  • A very flexible schedule 

  • A certificate of participation at the end of your internship

  • Breaks and delicious coffee


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