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Are you searching for web design internships in Barcelona that focus on web design and development? 


At Vision Factory we give you the opportunity for an internship in Barcelona in the profitable field of Website Design.

Our engaging internship program offers an exceptional opportunity for individuals interested in cultivating their skills in the fields of HTML and CSS.

Our internship program focuses on web design development, providing you with valuable hands-on experience in creating amazing websites.

Our program also covers essential tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite, which plays a significant role in modern web design.

Web design internships encompass various projects, including static web pages, web-based applications, e-commerce sites, and social networking platforms. If you're a creative individual with strong graphic design skills seeking web design internships in Spain, this could be the perfect fit for you.


During your Web Design and Development Internship, you'll enhance your technical abilities. For example, this includes your proficiency with the Adobe Creative Suite, and creation of an impressive portfolio.

Whether you're interning in Barcelona through the Erasmus program or independently, you can choose your start date and duration with us.


We are dedicated to training future web designers and developers and providing them with tools like the Adobe Creative Suite. In addition, we welcome motivated and talented individuals year-round. 

Application Process


Whether you are planning to do your internship within or outside the Erasmus program, it is possible for you to join our team. We welcome motivated and talented individuals all throughout the year. This way, we give you the flexibility to choose when you want to begin your internship and when to end it.

At Vision Factory, we are dedicated to training the talents of future web designers and developers, and we look forward to welcoming YOU aboard.


As a Web Design intern, your main liabilities will include:

  • Developing simple operations, such as online wallets for digital currencies

  • Identifying and fixing bugs on websites

  • Testing and enforcing results, along with providing web solution quotations to our clients

  • Creating new websites using platforms like WIX, WordPress and enhancing them with tools from the Adobe Creative Suite

  • Editing existing websites according to the team leader’s instructions, using the capabilities of the Adobe Creative Suite

apply now by

sending your CV to:

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What we expect from you as our intern:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft office software (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

  • Proficiency in both written and spoken English, with strong reading and speaking abilities 

  • A strong desire to support our daily operations with your expertise in web design and development, especially the Adobe Creative Suite 

  • Experience in programming with WIX, WordPress, Squarespace, is an asset but not a requirement

Internship Equipment

What you can expect from us in return:

Macbook on Desk

  • A friendly and comfortable office environment during your web design and development internship in Barcelona

  • Valuable work  experience in an international and dynamic team

  • The opportunity to earn a high commission for your successful work 

  • Flexible scheduling options, whether you prefer full-time or part-time

  • A certificate of participation upon completion of your web design  internship

  • Delicious coffee to keep you energised


We are excited to have you join our team. At Vision Factory, you can enhance your skills in web design and development, Adobe Creative Suite, and contribute to the world of website design.


For more information don’t hesitate to contact us!

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