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INTERNSHIP in Barcelona

Stand out from the crowd and invest in your knowledge!

Join our team in Barcelona and gain valuable skills and knowledge while working with people from different countries. It is your time to take a chance for networking, mentorship and international experience.

300+ interns all over the world



Get Human Resource Management experience with our internship program at Vision Factory.


HR Managers find and develop employees, motivate them and improve the workplace. If you like to work in a team, make quick decisions, care for others, and be responsible, then this job is ideal for you. 


You can intern with us whether you're in the Eramus program or not. We welcome you to join our team. We're always looking for talented and motivated candidates to join for internships. You can choose when to start and how long you want your internship in Human Resources to be. 

Our Human Resources Department in Barcelona

Your main tasks in the HR Department include:

  • Running recruitment processes

  • Targeting on LinkedIn

  • Developing job descriptions

  • Checking application forms

  • Preparing and posting job advertisements on social media services such as LinkedIn and Facebook

  • Interviewing and selecting candidates

  • Administrative support

  • Administrative duties such as making copies and answering emails

  • Writing blog posts for our Human Resources blog

  • Research of new recruitment platforms

What we expect from you as our HR intern:

  • Skilled at Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

  • Good English reading and speaking abilities and excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong motivation to contribute to our daily operations

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What you can expect from us in return:

apply now by

sending your CV to:

  • A welcoming and friendly work envirnoment in our comfortable office 

  • Work experience with a diverse and active global team

  • The chance to earn high commission for your successful contributions

  • A very flexible schedule 

  • A certificate of participation at the end of your internship

  • Delicious coffee to keep you fueled and energized


We value our interns as part of our team and we want to ensure that your time with us is both fulfilling and rewarding. If you want to use your skills and knowledge, we invite you to join us. Apply for this internship opportunity today!


Find answers to frequently asked questions 

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How can I apply?

You can contact us via email or send an inquiry directly through the website. We will reply very soon. 

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Which are the benefits of this internship?

The possibility of working with people from different parts of the world, networking, training, gaining experience and much more. At the end, you will get a certificate and a recommendation letter.

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Can I switch to another department during the internship?

Yes, of course. We enable you to find a department that best suits you and where you will be happy to work. If you want to try working in another department during your internship, we will be happy to help you adjust.

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How long does the internship last?

You choose for how long you will do your HR internship in our company, We are very flexible. 

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Do I need to apply through the University?

It's up to you. If the internship is mandatory for your University we are going to fill your documents. If you're just looking for some experience or training we are also more than happy to welcome you to our team.

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Can I have consultations to get more info about the internship?

We are more than willing to talk to you and answer all your questions. We're open for any kind of conversation: email, phone call, or online meeting through some platform. 

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