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Use the power of social media to reach your customers

Barcelona Social Media Marketing Service      <barcelona social media>

Social Media is growing very rapidly and many businesses have already started to implement it in their marketing strategy. It allows them to communicate with their target in an efficient and trustworthy way. Besides, the Social Media Manager is increasingly in demand by companies in Barcelona and the whole world. Following this, social networks have changed how we interact, how we search for information and even our shopping habits. Therefore, having a good presence on social networks is essential.

Our Social Media Managers

Social Media is no longer just a platform for fun as it have become a tool for building community. It allows brands/creators to interact and socialize in order to share ideas and news. It's crucial to maintain activity on social media and communication with your fans. Besides, one of the qualities that customers enjoy the most is being able to respond to their inquiries and, ultimately, keeping a consistent and fluid engagement with users. In addition, the content is created mostly by the community itself and their engagement with the brand unlike it is in traditional media. If there is no interaction, it is not social media.

                 Social Media team



                   Connection with audience

                                                                                                                     Work with brands aesthetic


                            Creating original content

















This service works perfectly for BUSINESS or PERSONAL Instagram Accounts



  • Increase in your audience and engagement

  • Increased brand awareness and trust

  • Define the target audience

  • An opportunity to build your brand image in a much deeper and more personal way

  • Increase in sales and leads

  • Advanced statistics (which location, competitor account, hashtags benefited the most)

  • Live statistics (Keep track of your promotion and success in real-time)

 In summary, our professional plan, execute and lead the change of your company!


  • Like photos by (Location, Hashtags, Interests)

  • Follow users by (Location, Hashtags, Competitors Accounts)

  • Web research, finding, and creation of relevant and original content for your website and social media channels

  • Building an efficient Social Media and Online Marketing Controlling and Reporting

  • Daily analysis and monitoring of your reach and engagement


Instagram is one of the top platforms right now and with our expertise, you will be able to dominate it for your business or personal use. Undoubtedly, the axis of advertising and communication strategy remains content. The user looks for excellence and novelty. Therefore, the content needs to connect with the audience on both an emotional and cognitive level. That is why we always keep in mind the insights that encourage the audience to provide helpful replies.


With our team and their proficiency in building Social Media profiles, online CRM, and creating communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. we can help you to integrate Social Media as a powerful tool in your marketing campaigns. We analyze, interpret and evaluate the actions that are carried out, to obtain the best results. We assist you with every aspect of connecting with your target audience, from the social network communication strategy through the implementation and optimization of each activity.

When we use social media, we keep in mind that the content needs to connect with the audience on both emotional and cognitive levels as the user looks for excellence and novelty. Undoubtedly, we pay attention to the insights that encourage our audience to provide helpful replies and even anticipate what they want when we create material for social networks.

In addition to attracting and retaining current members of the social media community, our goal is to keep the brand's visual identity consistent. A visually appealing and well-balanced feed in the creatives can catch more than one eye. 

At Vision Factory, we do so much more than just assist you to spot emerging trends and stay one step ahead of your rivals.

Since you will always be relevant within the business, spotting media trends enables your company to constantly be one step ahead of the competition. Participating in these trends is the best method to guarantee that potential customers learn about your company because people regularly read news on many channels.


Administer your social networks in accordance with the procedures outlined in the social media plan. In order to meet the goals established and build a sizable community of potential clients for your business.

Take care of everything you require to grow your social networks, produce material that resonates with your audience. Also, in the event of a crisis, we are aware of what to do to ensure that the reputation of your company is always enhanced!

In today's digital world, billions of fresh pieces of material are posted online every single day. Therefore, we take work to create great original material that gets you noticed. However, it goes beyond only ensuring that the content you submit can pass a Copyscape test. It also requires expertise, thorough study, and a clear knowledge of what your audience is looking for, and we are always aware of that.



Thousands of people run Facebook ads campaigns daily, but only a few of them achieve their desired result because only these few understand the secret and magic behind audience research.

To accomplish goals more quickly and efficiently. Reaching the targeted audience is not always possible when creating organic content in order to accomplish a goal. Yet, we can use technology to reach those potential clients we're seeking and accomplish the goals thanks to the advertising capabilities social networks give us. Our digital marketing team will narrow down your niche and come up with relevant niche pages for your ultimate change. redes sociales


  • Well researched pages with total page likes, the number of people regularly interacting with that page and the estimated daily range per page 

  • The devices your target audiences are using to access Facebook

  • The purchasing behavior of the target group

  • Spending methods of the target audience etc.

maeting digital, clientes potenciales, presencia en redes sociales, público objetivo, agencia de márketing
  • We are aware of a brand's strategic requirements.

  • We are aware of the features of digital media.

  • We are adept at using a variety of social media sites, particularly Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  • We have experience in a variety of fields, including construction, design, health, and education.

  • We understand digital consumers and keep up with trends, so we know how to spot opportunities and set new goals for the business's online expansion.

  • We base our decisions on data and experience.

We are experts in digital marketing and social media. We will jointly develop a strategy to achieve the objectives set and make sure that you or your company only communicate and foster loyalty. Feel free to CONTACT US!

Where to find us?

Carrer de la Vinya, 33, 08041 Barcelona

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