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What Great Managers Do Differently

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The author of this article on what great managers do differently is Minna.

Author: Minna Mäkelä

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Date of Publication: 21/10/2022

Interpersonal skills are important for managers to connect with their employees.

Nothing compares to having a fantastic boss. There is evidence suggesting that employees who think that their managers are managing them fairly are more productive and more joyful. However, if managers are not doing a proper job at managing their employees, then they may start to feel underrated and performance may drop. Because this is a common issue, the following article aims to give some tips on how managers could be more effective in bringing the best out of their employees.

Tips to become a great manager

# Tip 1

The first step for managers is to get to know their employees on an individual level, so they can offer them jobs that best match their interests and needs. It is also crucial for managers to find out each employee’s preference for work and management style, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

When managers acknowledge that each individual is unique and they start valuing differences in the workplace, it will be easier for them to assign tasks based on the company’s goal and individual contributions. This is also likely to make employees feel appreciated.

# Tip 2

After learning about employees on an individual level, the next step in becoming an effective manager is effective communication. One way to achieve this is by scheduling a meeting with every employee once a week.

Such weekly meetings are not supposed to be formal; rather, they should be informal so as to improve the connection between the manager and employees. The meetings should essentially provide employees with a safe space to talk about their thoughts, express any concerns, and receive feedback where needed.

# Tip 3

When employees are making wins on the job, it is important to celebrate them. Giving recognition and praise for employees’ good performance will likely motivate them to keep up with their work and continue contributing to the maximum of their potential. Managers could celebrate employees’ wins by:

  • going to a restaurant with the whole team

  • offering a gift card to a restaurant, movies or other activities

  • taking the team for trip somewhere

  • scheduling a happy hour

Another powerful way nowadays to celebrate employees for their good performance is to notice them on social media. For example, as a manager, you could give them credits on LinkedIn, sharing their success with the LinkedIn community and those who work in the same company.

There are plenty of ways to bring the best of your employees. Nevertheless, some of the most important steps to remember to become an effective manager are: (1) to get to know your employees on an individual level, (2) to build strong, communicative relationships with them, and (3) to celebrate their wins.

By doing so, you can increase your employees’ satisfaction at work and encourage them to perform to the maximum of their abilities. It might also help in preventing staff turnover. In other words, when employees are getting recognized, the trust between them and their managers increases. That way, employees will be more willing to stay in the company and not look for a job somewhere else.


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