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Management Tips For Beginners

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Author: Hrvoje Kustec

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Date of Publication: 10/11/2022

Management includes the individuals in charge of running and structuring a business in general.

Management includes the individuals in charge of running and structuring a business in general. Actually, 85% of newly hired managers receive no training before taking the position. As a result, half of them fail during the first year. In particular, management is the set of skills that you cannot learn over the night. However, if you take the right approach and consider yourself a student of the “game” you can do it. In fact, being a good manager also means you will have to learn through your mistakes. Bad management caused a downfall for many companies. In addition, low quality management decreases employee productivity and profits.

Management is a wide and complicated discipline.

Skills needed for becoming a manager

Management is a wide and complicated discipline. Therefore, we will point out some valuable competences in order to become a better manager.

● Clear communication

Every manager has to have efficient communication with their employees in order to keep business afloat.

● Know how to listen

If employees realize you don’t care about what they have to say, they will stop speaking.

● Delegating

Every efficient leader knows when it’s the right time to let someone with more expertise do a job or task instead of them.

● Training and mentoring

Managing means how to lead employees on the way to their goals. As a result, the company will achieve their plans also.

How important are social skills in the management sector?

The ability to communicate with people, both vocally and nonverbally is known as social skills. Therefore, social skills include observation, empathy, cooperation, written and verbal communication. In addition, developed social skills could help you with:

The ability to communicate with people, both vocally and nonverbally is known as social skills.

  • Working as a team on various projects

  • Growing your own professional network

  • Getting useful feedbacks from employees

  • Implementing effective communication

As more of your soft skills are developed and advanced, you have a better chance to keep and upgrade the productivity of the operational side of the business. Therefore, social skills are very important in the management sector. Without them, there is a high chance of failing at a manager job.

Types of management that professionals can get into:

● Project management

It’s using certain information, skills or tools in order to provide others with something of value. As a result, project management is usually teamwork that has some limitations and expectations as well. There is often a team, budget, timetable and a list of the requirements that the team must follow.

Supply chain management

It covers all procedures that convert raw materials into finished commodities. As a result of efficiently managing the supply chain, organizations can deliver their products faster. In addition, supply chain management includes planning, sourcing, production and inventory management itself.

Inventory management

It’s an essential part of the supply chain. Having the right items at the right location at the right time is the main goal of inventory management. Therefore, inventory management could be one of the biggest company's strengths.

Consulting management

The main task is to fill in the gaps if the other company lacks a set of skills. Consulting is popular because it is often much cheaper than hiring new employees. Also, consultants can focus solely on the project without being distracted with other tasks.

Learning how to become a manager is a long process.

In a nutshell

To sum up, learning how to become a manager is a long process. Therefore, it takes time in which you can make and upgrade your set of skills. Abilities like being a good communicator and listener, delegating and mentoring employees are just some of the competencies that an efficient manager has to have. Besides that, possessing social skills could make you better at managing and could help the company in general. In fact, without soft skills it is very hard to become a manager at all. So, management is a wide term that includes many sectors and opportunities such as project management, supply chain, inventory and other forms of management. Every young student and professional can find themselves in some spectrum of management. Thus, the main suggestion would be to constantly learn and develop some sort of skill on a daily basis. Expecting to become a manager just because you think you would be good at is the wrong approach and it will lead the individual in the wrong direction.


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