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The Power Nap: the key for a balanced lifestyle

Updated: Feb 14

Margherita from VF

Author: Margherita Baraldi

Date of Publication: 12/06/2023

How many times have you heard that sleep is good for your health? I bet at least some hundreds. However, despite the multiple motivational speeches about it, we often tend to forget all of its benefits and go back straight to work. This is because we were hardwired to think that the harder you do your job, the more successful you are. So, in this article, we'll explain how this perception is totally deceiving.


In a society that increasingly seeks to focus on personal well-being, the practice of napping is making a comeback. In fact, straight from the United States, comes the Power Nap, literally the "nap that energizes."

But what does that mean in practice?

The Power Nap in a nutshell

The Power Nap is a restorative nap that helps to resolve drops in energy and concentration. In addition, it increases productivity and motivation. However, there are some rules even regarding taking a nap. The most important one concerns its duration. In fact, to avoid the walking zombie effect once woken up, you shouldn't exceed the maximum of 30 minutes. Moreover, the meal preceding it should be light and alcohol-free. These two elements risk delaying falling asleep and sharpening post-awakening grogginess.

Therefore, the Power Nap is not really sleep, but more a relaxing time to let go and recharge your batteries.

Why is nap useful?

As we mentioned before, this practice applied to the work environment was born and developed in the United States. Today, more and more companies are making arrangements to dispose of dedicated power nap spaces for their employees. For example, in the Big Apple, several hotels have been renting chairs to allow workers to rest before returning to work. Moreover, many companies, such as Google, have also been offering the possibility of sleeping at work.

This is because when we sleep, toxins are eliminated from our bodies and new ones are formed. This process is the main ingredient for proper body functioning. In addition, sleeping allows the memory to process and retain information gathered after waking, with increased productivity and alertness.

How does the Power Nap help you?

● it helps your brain work better, improving your problem-solving ability and productivity;

● it improves concentration and attention;

● it improves memory;

● It significantly decreases feelings of tiredness and fatigue, and reduces stress levels. Thereby it also helps your heart, blood pressure, and weight management.

In conclusion, being able to balance rest time with work time is important for our psychological and physical well-being. So, in some cases, it is best to take your own time and postpone some commitments or deliveries to rest. Therefore, bear in mind that although in our hyper-productive society sleeping can be seen as a fault, this is a fundamental activity.


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