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Exploring Wanderlust: Travel Insights

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Melissa from Vision Factory

Author: Melissa Sartini

Date of Publication: 05/04/2023

Today almost everyone is talking about travel. How many of you are lovers of the unexpected, in discovering new places? Travelling helps us get in touch with new cultures, try different foods and make new friends. For many, it's a mania, ending up in airports among crowds and luggage without even realizing it.

An anonymous place but at the same time possessing endless life stories and different experiences. Embark on a journey through wanderlust Exploring Travel Insights. Delve into trends, top destinations, and valuable travel tips for an enriching exploration of the world.

Exploring Travel Insights

Top destinations

Every year Google through Year in Search, stipulates a ranking of the most popular destinations of the year. On the 2022 podium we find London, Ho Chi Minh City and Paris.

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Paris finds itself in third place probably thanks to the Louvre. Louvre takes the eighth place among the category "major cultural landmarks on Google Maps. Of course, not only this attracts tourists. Paris is in fact one of the most popular cities in Europe, for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Everyone heard about its main attractions such as the Tour Eiffel and Notre Dame Cathedral. They even know about its traditional dishes such as baguette, macarons, typical cheeses, and you name it.

Let’s move on to Vietnam with Ho Chi Minh City occupying the second position. In addition to being a major commercial hub in Southeast Asia, it has also become the Exploringeconomic and industrial capital of Vietnam.

At the top of the podium is London. Probably this success is due to the events surrounding the royal palace such as the death of Queen Elizabeth. However, we should also bear in mind that London is one of the most thriving economies in Europe and boasts the presence of great monuments.

Travel motivations

What are the real reasons why people travel? First of all, we must take into account that there are various types of tourism.For example, domestic tourism is when citizens visit their own localities. Outgoing tourism, on the other hand, goes beyond the borders of their own country to discover new destinations. Instead ingoing (from the point of view of the state) emphasize those who arrive. Research shows that the trends in 2022 have been toward domestic and proximity tourism.

However, the influx of international tourists, especially Europeans, has also increased. The most sought-after experiences are relaxation (65%), enogastronomy (61%) and entertainment (46%). Wellness-related tourism is also highly sought after with spas and outdoor vacations. Last, in recent years there has been a trend toward a more sustainable type of travel in line with the environment and initiatives. This is because a lot of tourists care about the environmental impact and want to reduce it.

Means of transportation

marketing, Italy, destinations, tourism, transportation, budget

We have many travel solutions to reach our destination. For example, the most used means by Italians in 2022 is the car with 58%. Sustainable, practical and convenient, trains and buses belong to the 33%. In addition, Italians love to travel by motorhome. If we find ourselves faced with a distant destination, we have no choice but to choose an airplane, a favorite means for many travelers. It is definitely the idea of the adventure of a new experience but it is also a good choice in terms of comfort and accessibility.


Let’s wrap up talking about money. Not all destinations require the same budget, and even within the country we find more or less expensive cities. In fact, the budget is difficult to calculate for each destination because many elements come into play. For example, some factors are the time of stay, the activities you want to do, the means of transportation. That’s why there are many sites on Google that can help you create a kind of budget for your destination.

However, we can give you input with a number of some of the cheapest destinations. According to the Wimdu site the price index in Italy is as follows, obviously these are rough calculations:

  • Food price per day per person: 8.42 €

  • Restaurant price per person: 15.00 €

  • Price of accommodations per night per person: 31.90 €

The 5 most expensive destinations compared to Italy are: Denmark, the United States, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. While the 5 cheapest destinations are: Czech Republic, Indonesia, Poland, Argentina and Thailand.

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