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The power of influencer marketing on companies

Publication date: 05.03.2024

Influencer Marketing is a brand promotion strategy or product that involves blogger, vlogger, youtuber, instagrammer, tiktoker or people with a significant presence on other social platforms that allows you to have a great following.

What it means to do Influencer Marketing?

Although we talk about Influencer Marketing for years, it is often not always clear what it is. We talk about influencer marketing when a person with a large following works with a company to promote brand products or services. An influencer is therefore a well-known person who is able to exert a certain influence on the public and is therefore able to shift the interest towards a certain product or service by exploiting its notoriety.

The power of influencers

The power of influencers lies in their fanpage: over time, in fact, they have built their image by focusing on authenticity, credibility and affinity with the target audience, who often identifies with them and trusts their opinions and recommendations. Thanks to this power they are able to influence the purchasing decisions of their followers and it is this power that can also be used by companies that want to promote themselves.


Adopting influencer marketing strategies for companies means then using people known on the most popular social media channels in order to convey a unique, valuable and genuine message related to the product that the company intends to sponsor. This strategy can be used in any industry and can be adapted to products and services.

Who is Influencer Marketing aimed at?

Influencer Marketing is aimed at all those companies that want to promote their products or services online. This strategy can be used in different industries, from food to travel, fashion, fitness, technology and many more.

What benefits does a company get from influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing offers several advantages to companies. Among the main ones we find:

1. Increased brand visibility

Collaborating with influencers leads to greater brand visibility. Influencers, in fact, often have a high number of followers on social media and collaborating with them can allow the company to be exposed to a wider and potentially new audience. This can help to improve brand awareness and attract new customers.

2. Access to a niche audience

There are influencers for any industry and often these have a loyal niche audience. This means that the company can reach a specific and targeted audience, which could be difficult to reach through other traditional marketing channels.

3. Authenticity and trust

Influencers are known to their audience for their authenticity and credibility, thanks to their direct connection with their followers. This trust is then shared with the company or brand promoted by the influencer, leading to a positive reputation for the company.

4. Creation of content

Influencers often create creative and engaging content that can be shared on the company’s social channels. This can increase interaction with the public and create a closer link between the company and its customers.

5. Measurability of results

Companies can use analytics and tracking tools to evaluate the performance of Influencer Marketing campaigns, such as engagement, website traffic, purchases, and more. This makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of campaigns.

How Influencer Marketing is Used by Companies

Influencer Marketing Observatory analyzed different data and found that the first reason that drives the company to involve influencers is the need to reach its target audience. To make this happen, the influencer must perfectly reflect the values of the brand and the target audience must be extremely specific and well defined.


In conclusion we can say that an Influencer Marketing strategy offers companies unique opportunities to reach their target audience in an authentic and effective way. However, you need to start planning and searching for the right influencers to speak to the right audience. Only in this way can it be an effective marketing tool to increase brand visibility, improve audience engagement and increase sales.


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