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8 Strategies for Pinterest organic growth

Publication date: 28.02.2024

This article focuses on 8 different strategies for organic growth on Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual discovery engine as a social media platform. Users can create boards, which are a collection of images with an ongoing theme such as hobbies, aesthetic, home, recipes and more. The mission of Pinterest is ‘’connect everyone in the world, through things they find interesting’’.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms, such as Pinterest, have become a great tool for businesses to promote their company and connect with their audience. It is used to attract and engage viewers and build long lasting relationships with consumers. One of the most effective ways to do so is with a focus on organic growth.

Organic growth

Organic growth, in contrast to paid advertising, is a great way of building a brand and gaining long term followers. However, this strategy does take time and dedication, as likes and follows will increase at a natural pace. Yet it is proven to be worth it for the long haul, as it is a very profitable social media successfactor.


1.    Create a fortified profile

Your profile is representative of your company, thus it is important to create a high quality profile. To achieve this, select a username which aligns with your company name to make your profile easy to find. In addition, use a profile picture with high resolution, write a clear and appealing bio and add a link to your website.

2. Use keywords

Pinterest functions as a search engine, so it is of importance to use keywords for users to find your posts. First, investigate keywords which are applicable in your posts on their search rate. Then select the keywords with high popularity and use them in your posts. This way your target audience can easily find your posts and engage with your content.

3. Hashtags

Recurring to the fact that Pinterest is a search engine, using hashtags can make a great difference in your content’s engagement rate. Hashtags lets users find your posts easily based on which terms they search for. Using many hashtags increases your chances of users finding your content. Keywords, as previously mentioned, can also be made into hashtags.

4. Visually appealing

As Pinterest is a platform based on visuals, it is of great value to create visually appealing content. To accomplish this, use high resolution images. You can even use professional photography for the best result. In addition, use aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching elements to gain the viewer’s attention.

5. Be active

Posting regularly is essential to maintain an active presence on Pinterest. Investigate your audience’s peak active moments and create a posting schedule which aligns with that. Being consistent makes a big difference in the engagement of your content. There are different tools which you can use to help create scheduled posts and keep your activity on the social network as efficient as possible.

6. Collaborate with influencers

Collaborating with influencers will significantly expand your reach and increase your audience. Find influencers which are popular and active within your line of work to attract the correct target group. Reach out to the selected influencers for collaboration opportunities.

7. Engage with Pinterest’s community

Engaging with the Pinterest community is crucial as the platform is a social network. Liking, saving and commenting on other people’s posts will highly increase your visibility. To take it a step further, follow other users who are interested or share similar content. And last but not least, respond to comments on your posts. This will not only increase your visibility, but also improve relations with your audience.

8. Stay updated

As the online world is constantly evolving, it is expected that its users do too. Pinterest frequently has updates and it is important to keep track of these latest changes. Follow Pinterest’s official blog, join relevant communities or groups, and subscribe to industry newsletters.


Achieving organic growth on Pinterest can be challenging. It takes time and patience to see the numbers of likes and follows grow. However, once you get the hang of all the strategies, you can create your own routine and schedule to execute them. This forms a solid base and stability to generate growth, and it will continuously increase and become more noticeable overtime.


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