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Author: Dimitrios Tsiachtanis

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Date of Publication: 02/03/2023

The very famous streaming platform Netflix announced a collaboration with Lacoste. As we already know, Lactose is one of the biggest clothing companies in France. In particular, it provides a collection of shoes, sweatshirts, tracksuits, polo, socks, hats and more that is available from April 12th. So, the series starring for the collaboration are Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Lupin, Sex Education, Money Heist, Elite, Shadow and Bone and The Witcher.

brand Lacoste

The colours and the crocodile adjusted to the theme and monsters of the series. For example, for the Stranger things series the crocodile became the Demogorgon, the monster of Upside down. For the Bridgerton series the crocodile wears a wig inspired by Queen Charlotte. But for the Lupin series the crocodile wears a hat like the thief.

Where to find the collection

The collection is available online, in selected Lacoste stores and Netflix shops. What's more, the range of clothes is wide with different styles. There are colourful patterns, big and small logos for fans of each series. Some are decorative, others are fancy for winter or summer, halfway between sports and fashion.

The prices of the clothes in this collaboration on Lacoste's site start from 90 dollars and go up to 400+

Lacoste and Netflix

Some following images from the collection:

The pieces of the Lacoste collection are expected to be strong storytellers. More specifically, Josh Simon, the VP of Consumer Products said that it’s a unique chance to mix the worlds of fashion and entertainment. Therefore, this collection will help fans to express their passion for the stories and characters of the Netflix series.

Products of Lacoste collection

Social impact

Moreover, people enjoy this kind of collaboration. Especially young people who are a strong market audience. A young consumer nowadays watches series and movies quite often and as a result these collaborations are profitable. Already many clothes are sold from the collection and it’s still going. So, we need these firms to make more partnerships in the future with more series!


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