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How covid has changed our habits

Christian Bruno, author of the article with title "How covid has changed our habits"

Author: Christian Bruno

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Date of Publication: 30/09/2022

How covid has changed our habits

Use of the social media and evolution of communication

Since the beginning of the pandemic Covid19 on the 9th of March 2020, people have changed their habits a lot. In particular, people work from home, go back to using the turntable again, group games for example Monopoly, Risiko,Trivial,Uno,ecc. and videogames. In addition, they have time to read books, express their passion for cooking but get more addicted to the use of social media as well. During this period, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram became of vital importance. People could buy whatever they wanted thanks to categories of shopping added on social media. What’s more, video calls were increasingly important during Covid. These are of fundamental importance because many people through them were in daily contact with others. Through video games and platforms of communication (Zoom, Meet, GoToMeeting, Messenger) people could socialise without feeling alone.

Mobility, job and shopping online

Woman - Tram - Bike - Car - How covid has changed our habits - Stay productive from home

Doing their job online, thanks to teleworking, many people save time and prefer to stay at home. This is a new way of working and they feel good with it. Also, home shopping went directly into our homes, and for many it was not easy, being used to doing it directly in shops. Video calls have opened a window that already existed, but few used to give an image to the voice. But even for bicycles and scooters, which continue to whiz around the city, it will be tough. Mobility is, after all, one of those areas destined to change, necessarily, with the recovery.

Psychologists at support of people

During this period, some European countries had launched the idea of ​​approving a psychologist bonus. This aimed to treat people who had suffered a lot mentally and psychologically from a health emergency. In French, psychological care will be free for anyone who needs it. In Italy, the bonus consists of an economic contribution to pay for sessions with psychologists or psychotherapists. So, private individuals could enroll in the professional register. In Europe, some proposals have found a real application - albeit limited as in some countries. But in these contexts, even before the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, mental health represented a main component and not an accessory.

Cause, effect, and coop for the future

Cause, effect, and coop for the future - How covid has changed our habits

The crisis of work and the economy has caused complaints and protests since one million jobs have disappeared. Some categories suffer more being unable to survive. The offices and factories have become empty and the environments seem more like desert spaces. The relationship between generations has changed as well, and the known educational model has cracked. Silence has taken over from the word. After 2 years we returned to see a live concert and looked at each other, using the masks only as means of transport. This is a sign that we are slowly returning to a new old normal. The conflicting opinions of virologists, doctors, nurses have turned out to be null and void, as we must live with the virus from now on. Vaccines avoid intensive care, but not contagion. The hope of all is that we can do without them as soon as possible, so that this evil monster will one day be just a memory.


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