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The Impact Of Covid 19 On Investments

Updated: Apr 25

Author: Yoldaş Yıldırım

Date of Publication: 14/09/2022

As you know, there have been many changes in our lives with covid 19. These have affected not only our daily life, but also investments, investment companies, changes in investment markets and stocks. In this article, I will talk about the impact of covid 19 on investments.


International financial sanctions, countries or international organizations to other countries or countries without engaging in military influence governments, to make them accept their will are efforts.

Financial sanctions are similar to economic sanctions. Their purpose is to prohibit the buying and selling of a good or product not the use of financial and economic resources. State to which financial sanctions are directed cannot enter into financial relations with the outside world.

man - diagram - The Impact Of Covid 19 On Investments


With the economic crisis created by the epidemic, the world economy has faced a systemic economic crisis for the second time in the last 15 years. The state of uncertainty about when the health crisis will end will make it difficult to implement the current policies, and this will perhaps turn this crisis into the most severe economic crisis experienced in the world history.

With the pandemic, the sales in the stock markets lowered the stock prices. In the following period, a recovery movement was observed in the stock markets.

Individuals of the Covid-19 outbreak psychology and, accordingly, investors' together with the change in the preferences of the market, that its functioning is negatively affected, and that the attention of researchers shows the accumulation of change and developments. In this direction

The aim of the study is to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic as it is a current period. The focus will be on financial decisions made by investors in this period. In the light of selected sector data, it will be determined how it affects the system will be studied.

Financial Services Category - The Impact Of Covid 19 On Investments


In this study, the coronavirus epidemic that investors received in this periodeffect size of financial decisions on financial markets causality relationship will be analyzed.

Financial decisions taken by investors are multifaceted and are intertwined today. Since they went to practice among the activities of the previous sectors, the investor cannot be thought of as separate and disconnected from the financial sector. Together, the number of cases in the data set is on the variable representing each group. Relationship or causality relationship with another discourse is analyzed.


Covid-19, in many ways in the social and economic life of the individual, trigger of a significant change in the way they do, in the way of life has been. The results obtained from the study were created by the pandemic process. conditions have an impact on financial decisions. In this study, the effects of Covid19 on the financial system were tried to be determined.

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