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Health and wellbeing at the workplace

Author: Michaela Resch

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Date of Publication: 17/11/2022

Most of us spend more than 8h per day at work, that‘s usually more time that you are spending with your co-workers and managers than with your friends and family. However, being at work doesn't mean that it's only a source of money. Actually work gives us a purpose in life and we feel good when we have achievements in our career. Moreover, we build social relationships and sometimes a kind of "work family" develops. Maybe some of us even meet their soulmates or best friends at work. So when we are working so many hours a day, health and wellbeing should be a big priority in every business.

Why is health and wellbeing important at work?

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic affected and restricted us all, companies have realized how important health and wellbeing is. Mental health has also become more and more important due to increasing burnouts. The most common mental diseases are anxiety, eating disorders and depression. Symptoms of this psychiatric problems are different for every person but the most likely are feeling sad, stressed, overwhelmed by the smallest things, anger and suicidal thoughts. A lot of European countries reported that a quarter of the society has to deal with at least one psychological mental problem. Because of that statistic, mental health issues should be also seen like physical problems at the companies. Now, more organizations work hard on achieving and maintaining a great health system.

Advantages of making health and wellbeing a priority:

The wealth of health awareness for your people and of course the business are the following:

Meditation can increase mental health.

  • decrease in sick days

  • motivation of employees increases

  • attractiveness as an employer increases

  • better work-life balance

  • improved team spirit

  • good office atmosphere

  • reducing stress levels

How to keep your colleagues healthy:

All these tips are easy to implement in a corporate health system with a big benefit to your team and the company:

Fruits baskets at the office can help colleagues to eat healthy.

Offering healthy food at the company can help to keep colleagues heatlhy.

  • launch health-days once a quarter

  • provide a fruit basket

  • cooking together at lunch

  • offer a gym or discounts for gym sessions

  • free water and healthy juices at the office

  • discounts for yoga sessions

  • offer psychological support via special hotlines

  • host a company marathon or a step challenge

  • health check-ups

Health should be a high priority in every company.

To get to the point, health should be a high priority in every company. The work environment can not only boost employees but also cause physical or mental illness. Plus, organizations that provide a healthy, happy, and productive work environment are the most successful. So, let's go and work on your health system for your business!


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