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Advertising on social media: Tips to know

Updated: Feb 7

Elodie from Vision Factory

Author: Elodie Vandemeulebroucke

Date of Publication: 11/05/2023

Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook, are applications used by millions of people and are now one of our favorite pastimes. Although they are all on the market, Tik Tok and Instagram are in first place and together have 4 billion users. In view of the number of users, companies have seen the potential of social networks, specifically in the area of advertising. Even though the form is different, it is still based on the same strategies. In particular, one of the most known and used strategies remains the influencer strategy.

Social media platforms

How does an influencer sell their products on social media?

Product placement

One of the first things to know when talking about product placement is that it is a process subject to laws. Indeed, this commercial act must be automatically indicated, whether orally or in writing. Unfortunately, this is a long process that is not yet installed in all institutions.

The second important point is that the placement must be remunerated and accompanied by a contract. This is because the influencer is now considered as a salesperson and they must receive a commission. So, the company must ensure that the contract is carried out correctly.

These placements can be made via several tools, such as publications thanks to the identifications on them. In addition, there are stories, which will allow the creation of a link between the customer (the subscriber) and the seller (the influencer). As a result, this brings the direct application of the product too.

Unofficial product placement

Here, the term "unofficial" is essential, because contrary to the official product placement, the influencer will not be paid. At least not financially speaking. So, there is no remuneration or placement. Thus, it is clear that offering influencers products is not the result of pure kindness.

Most of the time, this is an unspoken agreement that the influencer will thank the brand for the gift by showing the product. Automatically, publicity is generated for the company, which leads to revenue. However, this remains an unwritten agreement, so it is not obligatory for an influencer to thank the company if they don't want to.

All in all, nowadays most companies employ influencers. Although this may seem expensive on the surface, it ensures a certain clientele, given the precise choice made when hiring an influencer. So, this choice has to be made according to the gender, the number of years, the visibility or the reputation of the influencer.

However, social networks also remain an open tool, and can just be used by someone who is not necessarily an influencer. So, it still remains a risky challenge. As said before, social networks are used by billions of users, so you have to be very lucky for the algorithm to make you known. That's why the social network Tik Tok has fallen in spades.

What’s more, thanks to the multiple Tik Tok trends, and their varied "for you page", companies have a free way to stand out. In fact, with a little imagination, and adaptation to Tik Tok, a business can quickly go viral. Therefore, this new wave of social networks and tools, makes almost everything possible allowing our generation to constantly create.


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