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A Guide to Instagram Reels

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Lenks Koubkova, AAuthor of the artcle.

Author: Lenka Koubkova

Date of Publication: 27/01/2023

Instagram Reels si the new video feature on Instagram.

You might have already heard about the new video feature Instagram Reels that have appeared in the Instagram app since 2020. Well this new feature presents an opportunity for brands and influencers to create full-screen videos that can last 90 seconds. Actually, you are able to edit the videos, add music, put filters and captions on or even add stickers or interactive backgrounds to them. Luckily, the hype is still growing daily, and fifty-four per cent of consumers want to see more video content on their Instagram pages. That’s why they are favored by the Instagram algorithm and you should start using them to grow your audience and help your business.

How the instagram reels works

You can shoot and afterwards edit your video from 15 to 90 seconds and share them through the Reel page, Instagram story, and the Explore tab. To help you even more, I am going to explain the whole process step by step.

1) At the top of the page tap the plus icon and select Reel

2) Record or upload your video/s from the camera roll

  • You can record the video all at once or in a series of clips.

  • It also allows you to put a timer on for hands-free recording.

  • If you wish to stop the recording you can tap the red record button, set your product to a new place and then tap it again and start a new clip.

TIP —> Use The Align Button

  • This button allows you to line up objects from the previous clip before recording your next. It would then create seamless transitions for moments like changing outfits, adding new music, or adding new friends to your Reel

3) Edit your Reel

  • You can easily edit your Reel by using the icons at the top of the editor and adding stickers, drawings or/and text.

  • You can also select your audio from the Instagram music library to make it more viral or simply add your music or record a voice-over.

  • Additionally, you can change the speed of your video and slow it down or speed it up.

4) Reel´s settings

  • Tap NEXT in the bottom right corner

  • You can add a caption, tag people in your Reel, add a location

  • You also have the option to rename your audio from “a voice recording” to something cooler or more specific

  • Enable or disable automatically generated captions

  • And choose if you want your Reel to be visible also in your Instagram Feed

5) Post your Reel!

How to boost your reel to go viral

Including Instagram Reels to your Social Media Marketing strategy.
  • Keep in mind how the Instagram Reels algorithm works

  • Have fun with trending audio

  • There is nothing easier than just hopping on the trending audio and reaching new customers. Reels with trending sounds have a small arrow next to the name of the sound, so you can easily recognize them. You can also save them and use them later when you come up with an idea.

  • Do not take the Reels to seriously

  • You should be creating content that is entertaining to your target audience and aim to delight and inform rather than sell. Even thoughthis could mean leaning into a trending dance or viral sound.

  • Post consistently!

  • It increases your chances of going viral, and Instagram will start pushing your Reels to the audience as you are going to be active on the platform.

How it can benefit your business

  • Higher reach

  • More engagement and monetization

  • More views and interaction

  • Since it is a new feature, Instagram is promoting its

  • Content more than anything else

  • Showcase your brand's personality better

  • Effortlessly showing your brand in a fun manner and personalized way

Overall, Instagram is no longer just a photo app. It now focuses on video content to keep up with other apps such as TikTok. So, if you would like to have successful social media marketing promotions and campaigns, you need to start creating these short videos to keep up with other businesses on the market.


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