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5 Key HR Management Functions

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

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Author: Eugenia Sandu

Date of Publication: 13/02/2023

Human resources management represents a set of activities, carried out at the organizational level. In fact, these activities focus on the appropriate treatment of employees in order to achieve both general organizational and individual goals. Therefore, the management principles of human resources, as well as the strategy of a human resources manager have a specific aim. Of course we are talking about the efficient use of human resources, respecting the labor law and ethical principles. More specifically, human resource management converts strategic planning into a determination of short and long term supporting strategies.

An Efficient Management

Human resources management, ethical principles

Let's make sure we have the right people in the right place, at the right time, led, supported and rewarded appropriately for achieving organizational goals. In this sense, there are two objectives of the human resources department. Firstly, it provides a favorable framework, collaboration and interaction between members. This way, they perform objectives of the economic structure. The second is the pursuit of the professional development of each employee, so that their efficiency is maximum. As a result, this not only creates professional satisfaction for themselves, but also for the company they belong to. For example, an efficient management scheme of the department can include a head of service (human resources manager), with the role of hierarchical coordinator.

Parts of the managment's scheme:

●the personal office, which will have records of employees and will manage their problems (leaves, shift planning, management of days off, overtime, bonuses, etc.);

● the team, which deals with personnel strategy (recruitment, job interviews, etc.);

● the professional development and training center, which has the mission of carrying out training and specialization/qualification programs for employees;

● the office of protection and safety at work;

● medical service and occupational medicine.

5 HR Management Functions

A good manager manages to achieve efficient coordination of their team, which they direct towards performance and have the ability to properly manage failures. Hence, the organization serves to achieve the five major HR management functions of the human resources department, as follows:

1. Human resource planning involves the balance between the workforce requirement and the company's objectives. In addition, it makes an objective forecast about the future. Planning also includes:

  • the drafting of the internal regulations,

  • the establishment of the work schedule according to the company's needs and

  • compliance with the legal work schedule, overtime and others.

2. On the other hand, the continuous recruitment strategy, depending on the needs of the company, consists of the exact needs of a position. What’s more it includes the realization of the campaign of recruitment and selection of personnel that correspond to the needs.

3. Moreover, professional development includes training for the new employee, plus adaptation and integration into the organization's culture.

4. Other important factors are the retention, loyalty and motivation of employees through the evaluation of individual performances or improvement programs. The interests of the company are the ones that dictate these functions. It can happen that they intertwined with the continuous recruitment strategy. Here comes the responsibility of establishing the performance criteria. Attribute that falls to the manager of the human resources department or some specialists.

5. Personnel administration, also, is a bureaucratic function that involves keeping and updating the work files of each employee. In particular, it includes recording, keeping and transmitting all the information required by law, in relation to the company's employees. For example, there could be employment contracts, medical certificates, mentions related to the change of employment professional and others.


The HR activity involves working in the office, so a series of office accessories are necessary in a quite varied range of products. Surrely the friendly environment is essential. This way, the work of the human resources specialist becomes more efficient.

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