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10 Best Practices for Managing a Company LinkedIn Page

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Irene from Vision Factory

Author: Irene Gerarduz

Date of Publication: 08/04/2023

To solidify your brand and give your employee's careers greater visibility, a company page is an excellent tool. Actually, it can make a real difference in creating a network of

connections that can bring visibility and new opportunities for business.

Here below we have 10 best practices for managing a company's LinkedIn page:

1. Write effective names, slogans, and descriptions

The first step in opening a company page on LinkedIn is to choose a name. Obviously, it

will be the company brand. But it is recommended to accompany the name with a short

phrase connotative to identifying the business.

The slogan is the second element that LinkedIn provides to communicate the soul of the

company. It is that phrase that appears below the name and will make users understand

the essence of the brand.

Finally, we find the description that defines the “About Us” of a company. It is

recommended taking full advantage of this space.

2. Choose the best version of the logo

When uploading the logo for the company page, be concerned about its readability, even when shown smaller, such as from mobile.

3. Keep your images updated

Make sure your images are high-quality and up-to-date. A great image can make a solid

first impression and help you stand out from the competition. It also shows that you are a

professional company that takes branding seriously.

4. Post properly on a LinkedIn company page

A company page on LinkedIn lives and increases in followers because of the posts it

publishes. A post on the company page consists of:

• a text that can contain @mentions (of companies or people) and #hashtags

• an image, a video, a pdf presentation, a survey

• a link to an external web page (own site or other sources)

LinkedIn Platform: Job Search & News.

5. Create a balanced content plan for the LinkedIn company page

The company page on LinkedIn ''lives'' because of the posts: text, links, images, and videos that day after day are offered to followers. In fact, this creates opportunities to connect with the company. Therefore, a balanced and effective content plan should take these aspects into consideration:

• start by posting 1 or 2 times a week

• the page should not only promote the company and its services. In addition, it

should offer content from outside. For example, this could be industry media,

blogs, articles written by employees, independent research, etc

• when you talk about the company be informative and educational

6. Increase LinkedIn company page followers

Followers represent LinkedIn members who have decided to keep up to date with your

company. In particular, they do it by reading future posts on their homepage. On LinkedIn it is not easy to increase followers, growth is usually slow. You should consider these 4 factors:

1. Quality posts are the main source of new followers. Because of the interactions of

readers who recommend, comment or share

2. The ''Invite Links to Follow'' feature that allows you to invite your first-ranking

(targeted) links to follow the page

3. Direct promotion on all company channels, such as mailing list, website, and other

social media

4. Sponsorship, that is advertising campaigns on LinkedIn

7. Sponsor company page updates on LinkedIn

If you want to grow your page, audience, and interactions, you should consider putting a

budget into sponsoring updates. In fact, this means making them appear in the newsfeed of followers and unfollowers who are on target.

8. Stimulate LinkedIn page interactions

In addition to sponsoring updates, an effective way to expand the reach of company page updates is to stimulate interactions. A post with more interactions, especially one obtained shortly after publication, will get more views. This happens thanks to LinkedIn's special algorithm.

How to do this? Consider these aspects.

Mention in the post or in the comments the people involved

• Write in questioning terms. Asking a question increases the chance of getting an


• Always post interesting, quality, and current updates

9. Involve the team

The more people involved in the company, the better it will be.

Stimulating every unit in the company to report or write content for the company page will give you great content with different points of view. In particular, it could be about

human resources, research, and development, marketing, etc.

A more engaged group of employees on LinkedIn gives great benefits to the page and to

the company. As a result, their notoriety and reputation will grow.

10. Analyze the performance of the LinkedIn company page

Check your insight repeatedly and adapt your strategy accordingly. If you are not getting

the involvement that you want, try something new.


The company's LinkedIn page is a strategic tool in business communication. There are many good reasons why an organization should have a profile on this social channel. But if you are not using it to its full potential, you are missing out on many opportunities. So, it’s very important to keep your LinkedIn page up-to-date for recruiting new talent.


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