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What is Tiktok?

Updated: Apr 17

Author: Tantoluwa Heritage Alabi

Publication date: 19.03.2024.

TikTok is a short-form video-sharing social media platform known for its dance trends, viral challenges, and user-generated content. It is owned by a Chinese company known as ByteDance created in 2016.

What is Tik Tok Marketing?

The utilization of TikTok as a platform for promoting a brand, product, or service is known as TikTok marketing. This form of marketing encompasses various strategies, such as influencer marketing, TikTok advertising, and the creation of engaging organic content that has the potential to become viral.

Let’s explore a few strategies that will serve as a guide for tiktok marketing in 2024.

10 Effective Strategies for Tiktok Marketing

1. Know your audience:

It is important to know your target audience to know what type of content to create. They are the consumers of the contents, for instance creating products meant for Gen z.

2. Using the right hashtags:

One of the things that trend a lot are hashtags, so if your content is related to business you can use the “business”, this increases visibility on the app.

3. Following trends:

It is necessary to understand what is in vogue in your target market. That way you can create contents related to what is trending so that users will pay more attention to your page.

4. Using popular influencers to showcase your products or


Influencers are people who have many followers and many engagements on their posts. Tiktok users are familiar with popular influencers, partnering with them to use your

products or service can increase engagement on your page. Also gain more customers for your product.

5. Follow up on comments from your posts:

One of the ways of increasing customer interaction is to check and reply to comments from posts. You can get feedback from them and also answer their questions. This also increases engagement on the post.

6. Create engaging contents:

You can have visually appealing videos or some meme characters inserted to the contents to draw the audience. Choose the right audio, and let your videos focus on capturing the message you are passing.

7. Promote contents in other social media platforms:

To increase your audience on TikTok, you can promote it across other social media platforms. You can attract audiences from different backgrounds and increase your followers.

8. Optimize your videos:

Many Tik Tok users scroll through videos quickly, so let your video be 15 to 50 seconds

long and it captures the important messages.

9. Post regularly:

It is recommended to be consistent in posting contents to engage your audience. To optimize this, social media managers can schedule posts in advance or make use of social media calendar.

10. Monitor Analytics:

Analytics show if the strategies applied to contents are working or not. You can track how many engagements you had each week and decide if aligns with your targets or if you need to change something.


As TikTok continues to evolve and grow in popularity, businesses have the opportunity to leverage its dynamic platform for effective marketing in 2024. By knowing your audience, creating engaging content, and following trends, you can bank on TikTok`s unique features to connect with customers and drive business success.


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