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What are LinkedIn Groups?

Updated: Apr 30

Nikolaos from Vision Factory

Author: Nikolaos Savvidis

Date of Publication: 14/02/2023

LinkedIn Groups introduce the opportunity to strengthen connections with like-minded individuals in an exclusive forum. Linkedin Groups provide opportunity for the members to share experiences, common thoughts and concerns in order to solve an existing problem.

Pros Of LinkedIn Groups

Achievement of business goals

As a company or an organization, you will be redirected to a slew of relevant niche networks and subsequently can leverage to drive your business goals. For example, as a leading organization or a company, you may want to post a job to hire employees. Therefore, this is a direct channel to communicate with interested parties.

Demonstration of the credibility of the company

business goals, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook groups

As an organization, users need to know the expertise in your field. Regular Posts to LinkedIn groups are a cornerstone to make your expertise in your field more solid. For example, you may be a manufacturer and post articles to LinkedIn groups about how the business is using modern technology to increase production. So, other people who are active in LinkedIn might ask for your advice based on your activity. In this way, they will get help to see you as a leader in your industry that you are active in.

Establish a shared identity with other group members

Finding effective peers to imitate is extremely significant for the success of the company or the organization. Sharing common ideas and values with the group members can make the success of the company easier. For example, imagine that a company shares the same ideas and values within the LinkedIn group. In fact, this is significant when you hire employees who can either participate in the company's processes and understand the culture of it. In this way, the organization or the company has more chances to be established in its field.

Cons Of LinkedIn Groups

business goals, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook groups

No approval processes

No approval processes means anyone can join. Therefore, it is important to be aware of spammers or those with an agenda.

Negative Reputation

LinkedIn groups have a negative reputation due to the fact that people considered them useless, spam-filled forums.

‘Sponsoring’ a post

In order to grow the group, it is vital to have a sponsor that will advertise the group, and as a result you need more money. Thus, LinkedIn is more expensive than Facebook groups and other social media platforms.

What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups are a digital space for people with similar interests to discuss or share about topics that matter for them. In particular, these groups provide an arena for organic discussion about a company’s products or services and present the opportunity to cultivate brand awareness.

Pros of Facebook Groups

It’s a place to sell or promote your digital products

Having a Facebook group can help boost your sales. Introducing your products to your members is extremely important to lead them in buying the product. In this way, you can easily offer a discount for clients through a code that is not available elsewhere.

Great for gaining consumer feedback

You can easily view group analytics, once you have more than 250 members, for insightful data about your audience. On top of that, you can create polls, start threads, and ask questions in your group on various topics. The place of Facebook groups can provide intense conversations. Thus, the feedback you receive can help you to get to know your audience better and lead you to make up solutions based on their needs.

Build brand loyalty and trust with your customers

Facebook groups allow you to grow a community with the same interests. In fact, the ability to share a variety of content, from blog posts and guides to funny memes and stories, makes it possible to engage with your audience.

Establish your presence as an influencer

Building trust online isn’t easy. The overwhelming majority of people who interact with your content will be strangers and can be miles away. Therefore, it’s really important to build your reputation as an influencer or an expert in your field by starting a Facebook group.


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