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Ways to Craft a Stand-Out Resume

Updated: Jan 26

The author Shaïna Peek of the article:" Ways to Craft a Stnad-Out Resume".

Author: Shaïna Peek

Date of Publication: 02/01/2024

In the current world, there are a lot of job seekers. Since recruiters go through many applications, it’s important that your CV stand out. This increases your chances of getting through to the next phase. The first point of contact is the resume. Hence, having a resume that grabs attention is the first step in getting a job.

Tips on how to make your CV stand out

What is a resume?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what the resume entails. The resume is a business profile of yourself. Therefore, it lists the most important information a company needs to know. For example, it includes education, experience, and skills. These factors determine your suitability for a company and job position. 

How to make an attention-grabbing resume

Introduce yourself

The resume is a professional profile, so informality is not appreciated. However, it’s possible to include a summary. Firstly, the resume starts with the header. This includes the basic information like your name and contact information. Below this, there is room for a summary. The summary is a short paragraph.For example, you can connect your skills to the job opening in it. This short text allows you to let your personality show while also highlighting your suitability.  

A job-specific resume

If you are applying for a specific job, not all experiences are relevant. For this reason, some previous job experiences or skills can be removed. Then, the resume is more concise. Additionally, focus is put on the business aspects most relevant to the job. So, this might convince the recruiter that you have the skills to manage the work offered. 

Use data in your resume

To convince recruiters of your skills, you can give them numbers. Defining previous successes provides proof of your accomplishments. For example, you can mention how many sales you’ve had. Perhaps the manufacturing process sped up after you arrived at a previous workplace. Actually, mentioning numbers easily brings across your message. It also shows recruiters that you are dedicated to the work and willing to put in more effort.

The design of the resume

Additionally, besides the text, you can also make a design that stands out using different colours. Of course, the resume should still appear professional. Therefore, consider using dark colours. For instance, a dark green. Also, you can add bullet points to make the information more concise. What's more, adding a small graphic next to each different listing is a fun way to show the difference. So, you could add a graphic of a dumbbell next to your strength listing. 

Final Tips for a Stand-out Resume

All the advice above helps you stand out. However, there are also ways to make the process easier. For instance, Word offers resume templates. These templates provide the structure. Additionally, they can help you with creativity.

If your Cv is short and direct, recruiters quickly know your skills and accomplishments.

For this reason, try to keep sentences short and only focus on what you want to say. Furthermore, while you want to stand out, keep in mind that professionalism is key. Therefore, try to not use too many different colours or illegible fonts.  


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