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Visual Communication Marketing

Updated: Jan 10

Visual communication is one of the oldest information tools. Today, graphic communication combines elegance and communicative effectiveness. The graphic designer can communicate much deeper concepts through images.

A communicative ecosystem is created that doesn’t end with the design of a brand logo. Instead, it embraces a much broader paradigm with different nuances contributing to achieving the set objectives. Web design, signs, billboards, and business cards are just some of the tools needed to build the ecosystem.

Objectives of visual communication marketing

There are many objectives identified together with the business strategy. For example, the most common objective is to consolidate the “Brand identity”. Every company should have its own identity. Importantly, customers can then identify the company among the competitors. Of course everything is a result of different visual thinking that's why there are various benefits.

The current importance of graphics

Over the years, time has become a luxury good. This has led to a disarming decline in the attention span. Due to technological advances, people have adapted their attention span. Therefore, posts on Instagram and Facebook receive only fleeting glances. So, the importance of communicative effectiveness through graphics has grown.

harnessing visual marketing

How to create visual marketing

We cannot expect to achieve results by simply commissioning a designer to create a company logo. Instead, graphic communication is part of a much more complex project. With a well-defined marketing strategy, it’s possible to convey the business identity properly to customers. then, the objectives can be achieved.


If you own a business or have needed to create graphics, you’ve likely heard of Canva.

Canva, designing app

This online design software is also available as an app for tablets and mobiles. To elaborate, Canva allows you to create graphics quickly and easily. To do so, it offers hundreds of templates and tools. Therefore, Canva is practically a must-have in your business kit. It guarantees more satisfactory results and saves time and effort.

Marketing presentations

An ad-hoc marketing presentation effectively presents your marketing strategy. This

Canva, marketing presentation templates

presentation can be created and customized using Canva’s free templates. The presentation should grab the attention of the audience while also presenting the strategy correctly and completely. A successful presentation is equal parts combined of words and pictures. The marketing presentation templates on Canva offer inspiration and examples of the right visuals.

Types of marketing templates

So, you can choose your favourite marketing presentation template and customize it. Canva also offers a range of professionally designed marketing templates in different colours and styles. For example, there are colourful, minimalist, or even quirky marketing presentation layouts. Therefore, it’s easy to find a match for your business.

Customizing the template

Then, after choosing the layout, the customization of the presentation template can start.

Canva presentation template

It can be adapted to your marketing strategy. So, it’s possible to replace the predefined texts and elements. By using simple tools, the data can be presented creatively. For instance, icons, animations, and images are provided to choose from. Additionally, you can upload your own photos and videos on Canva.

The kit for your business

Also, there is Canva Pro. This premium version of the software can create up to 100 company kits. Furthermore, colours, logos, and fonts of your brand or project can be saved. Moreover, you can create and save designs as templates for your entire team. This is due to the 100 GB of cloud storage included in the package.


There are limitations to what you can create and edit graphically. Still, Canva has revolutionized the way companies approach graphic design and communication. Often, the investment in design is a major barrier for those starting their own business. Especially as they prioritize activities. Therefore, we recommend a tool like Canva. It aims to make your job easier while still acknowledging the importance of graphics.

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