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Visual Communication Marketing

Visual communication is one of the oldest information tools. It started with prehistoric art and continued with the more advanced techniques of today. Today, graphic communication is used for much nobler purposes than in the past, combining elegance and communicative effectiveness.

Today the graphic designer is much more than a simple "Photoshop geek" (pass me the term), the graphic designer is the one who is able to communicate, through images, much deeper concepts that are perfectly linked to the objectives to be achieved.

The graphic designer is able to create a real communicative ecosystem that does not end with the design of a brand logo, but embraces a much broader paradigm that involves different nuances which, synergistically, contribute to the achievement of the set objectives. Web design, signs, billboards, banners, flyers, business cards are just some of the tools needed to build the ecosystem.

As we can read in the chapter Introduction to Visual Marketing by Michel Wedel, Rik Pieters1: “ Visual marketing is widely recognized to be important in practice. As consumers, we are exposed to several hundreds of explicit advertisements daily on television, in newspapers, magazines, billboards, the yellow pages, retail feature ads, and on Internet sites. We experience even more implicit visual messages in the form of product packages in stores and at home.

Point-of-purchase stimuli, such as store displays, shelf talkers and flyers, are omnipresent and commercial visual messages appear on the side of trucks, road signs, food wrappers in restaurants, on service provider uniforms, t-shirts, CDs and electronic devices. Often, these are part of corporate visual identity communication, ways in which companies organize to visually present themselves in a consistent manner. Visual aspects are also a key component of marketing collateral, which involves the use.

of visual aids to make sales effort more effective, after a prospective buyer has been identified. All this requires graphical design of the commercial visual stimuli in question. The basic elements of graphical design, as in many other areas of design, include shape, size, form, texture, lines, and color. But, the visual context in which products, brands, and ads are presented may affect consumers’ reactions to them as well”.

The objectives of visual communication There are many objectives and they must be identified together with the identification of the business strategy. One of the most common objectives is to consolidate the "Brand Identity" (corporate identity); every company must create its own identity, which is fundamental if customers are to be able to identify us among thousands of competitors.

In these times, graphics are increasingly important. Over the years, time has become a luxury good. Today we run much faster than yesterday, the pace has increased and is becoming unsustainable. This has led to a disarming decline in attention spans. Technology has contributed a great deal to the advancement of this phenomenon, and we have no choice but to adapt. Just think of how ephemeral the attention span of posts on Instagram and Facebook feeds is, or how fleeting a glance a driver takes at a shop or a sign. It's easy to see how important the communicative effectiveness of a graphic is in capturing a customer's attention.

So, to sum up: we cannot expect to achieve results in terms of sales and turnover simply by commissioning the first lucky geek to create a company logo. Graphic communication is part of a much more complex project that must be integrated upstream in a well-defined marketing strategy through which it is possible to convey to the customer who we really are, what we do and how we do it; essential requirements for the achievement of our objectives.

Marketing Presentation Templates

If you own a business or have ever needed to create graphics for posters, flyers, business cards and resumes, you have probably heard of Canva.

It's an online design software, also available as an app for tablets and mobiles, that allows you to create graphics quickly and easily from hundreds of templates and tools. In this article, we'll give you some tips on how to create eye-catching designs with the online editor that's a favourite among non-expert graphic designers. Read on to find out how to use Canva!

Today we're talking about a simple and intuitive platform, a software that makes graphic design accessible to everyone. Australian-owned and launched in 2013, it is currently available in no less than 190 countries and has a staggering 5 billion+ projects created on the editor.

Canva is practically a must-have in your business kit, guaranteeing you more than satisfactory results and a considerable saving of time and effort.

Present your marketing strategy effectively with an ad-hoc marketing presentation that you can create and customise using Canva's free templates. Quick and easy marketing presentations with Canva.

Marketing presentations need to be persuasive enough to capture the attention of the audience and at the same time be able to present your strategy correctly and completely. A successful presentation is equal parts combination of words and pictures. When you need to create winning marketing presentations, Canva is the help you need. We provide you with hundreds of marketing presentation templates for all your needs, all free of charge and customisable in just a few steps and minutes.

Finding and choosing the best marketing presentation template is easy. We have templates for you to present a new product, for you to create and present a social media plan but also for sales people who need to present a quarterly or monthly report.

Choose your favourite marketing presentation template and customise it to suit your needs. We also have a wide range of professionally designed marketing presentation examples in different colours and styles. You'll find colourful, minimalist or even quirky marketing presentation layouts. Find one that matches the story you want to tell and the brand you're working with, and you'll be a success.

Once you have chosen your layout, start customising your marketing strategy presentation template. You can replace the predefined texts and elements and you can use simple tools that will allow you to present data in a creative way so that your presentation is not boring. We have made sure that our platform is intuitive even for those who have never dealt with graphic programmes before.

Collaborate with your colleagues to add personality to your marketing presentation template; send them a link to your work and ask them to leave comments or edit the design themselves, which will be saved in real time. We provide you with thousands of free and premium design elements that you can drag and drop into your template including icons, illustrations, shapes. You can also animate your presentation by adding transitions and animations to text and photos. And don't forget that you can also upload your own photos and videos to use in your presentation.

With Canva's templates, creating effective marketing presentations is a real pleasure!

The kit for your business. Speaking of Canva Pro, a further advantage of the premium version of the software is that you can create up to 100 company kits, in which you can save the colours, logos and fonts of your brand or project. You can also create and save designs as templates for your entire team, thanks to the 100 GB of cloud storage included in the package (compared to 5 GB in the free version).

While there are limits to what you can create and edit graphically, Canva has revolutionised the way companies approach graphic design and communication in general. Often the investment in design, including specialised resources and more advanced software such as the Adobe package, is a major barrier for those who are starting their own business or running one where graphics is not the core business. We understand the need to prioritise activities, and for this reason we strongly recommend a tool like Canva, which aims to make your job easier, without neglecting the very important aspect of visuals.

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