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The useful time management tools

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Author of the article

Author: Kanzada Nurkamilova

Date of Publication: 13/03/2023

I am a millennial, and since birth, the time has been for me the most basic currency of this world. Today, there are many resources that allow you to run your business without your presence, and achieve your goals without any obstacles. However, the cool thing is that you can do so while devoting time to yourself and your family too. The main thing is to be able to properly manage these resources.

Management Tools:

Google Calendar

Google, Microsoft, Gantt chart, platforms, project

This is the best management tool where we can organize our plans for a long time or for a short time, graphically visualize and share them with our colleagues. Actually, it helps us to manage our schedule immediately by editing easily through the phone or laptop when we are busy and at what time we have free slots. Google Calendar also provides possibilities to set up a meeting automatically. To do this, you only need to insert the email address, time zone, and meeting name to notify people. The meeting can be repeatable or one-time. Moreover, Google calendar works for everyone regardless of whether it is a big company or an Individual, and it is absolutely free. More than 2500 people (reference)leave reviews about Google Calendar and give it 5 stars. In this way, it becomes obvious that it is the best platform for the convenience of time management.

Gantt chart

Google, Microsoft, Gantt chart, platforms, project

If Google calendar works for everyone regardless of company or Individual, the Gantt chart is more useful for big companies. In particular, the Gantt chart is a graphical representation of your plan, your process, and your achievements. There are several ways to create It by using some platforms. For instance, the most popular one is Google sheets, Excel, and other paid platforms, where there are ready-made templates. The Gantt chart is advantageous to allocate tasks between teams, estimating important dates, breaking down time, and eliminating free spaces. So, for project managers, this is a very useful instrument to find out what is going on with the project accordingly to write the following plans. Therefore, if you are a future Project manager, I advise creating the Gantt Chart by yourself to find out more details.


Microsoft is doing its job because it's the best modern platform, which covers a lot of things:

  • one-to-one chats,

  • group chats,

  • Calendars,

  • tracking tasks automatically,

  • saving documents, and

  • Assessments.

In fact, connective formulas with tasks are very easy to check on which step your project is. To do this, each member of the team must indicate their actions by choosing teams, "did not start", "in process", and "done".

So, don’t lose time and keep going and follow our news! Next time we will share other tools and their usability with you.


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