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Potential ups and downs of Bitcoin during this decade

Updated: Apr 29

Anastasija Ivancova, author of the article.

Author: Anastasija Ivancova

Date of Publication: 08/12/2022

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The age of bitcoin is approaching 15 years next year. Meanwhile, huge ups and equally epic downs have occurred over the years, resulting in incredible financial losses or gains. Actually, everyone knows the story of the guy who paid 10,000 BTS for 2 pizzas in 2010. What can be done with that much bitcoin today or within the next 10 years? Let’s take a look at the ups and downs we can expect in the next few years and what we can expect from the most stable and developing cryptocurrency?

What will happen to Bitcoin next year?

There are as many opinions as there are experts. In fact, there are some studies based on previous years of cryptocurrency life that allow us to make predictions for the next 10 years. However, these are only predictions, not an insistence to invest financially in Bitcoin. Remember that you are responsible for your investments, and the trading situation is fickle. These are the predictions about bitcoin made by representatives of various news portals: TechNewsLeader - $42,664, DigitalCoinPrice - $43,011, CryptoPricePredictions - $37,450. These are the figures, in their opinion, bitcoin will reach by the end of 2022. You may note that they are all similar, but we have to make clear that many are still hoping for Bitcoin to go up to $100,000.

Next year promises to be more successful for bitcoin.


Next year promises to be more successful for bitcoin. In particular, representatives of various news portals expect the stability of the coin around $70000, and the level of support about $65000, according to CryptoNewsz.


The same news portal reports that bitcoin will rise to $85,000 by 2024, but will average around $78,000. Not such a bad prediction, given the state of bitcoin at this point in time. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin's fate is much more successful.


Research by a portal such as predicted significant bitcoin growth in 2025, claiming a figure such as $130,000 to $140000. However, not everyone has the same positive predictions. For example, the portal Business2community predicts that the bitcoin price will fall back to $80,000 in 2025.

By 2025 there will be a significant bitcoin growth.


The price of bitcoin is about to double in 2026. The maximum of $2.150.000 will reach its price according to such a portal as, and the average price will be about $186.000. However, another portal Ambcrypto promises even higher growth. Specifically, bitcoin, in their opinion, will grow to $275.000.


In 2027, bitcoin will continue its way to the top and will almost double its value again. According to a portal Ambcrypto, the price of this cryptocurrency will rise to $370.000 on average, which is a very good figure. However, a portal predicts a not so high rise - up to $300,000 at most, the price of bitcoin will rise.


This year doesn’t promise to be as fruitful - rather, calm. Portals predict an average value per bitcoin of 319,000, while portal promises a bitcoin value of almost half a million dollars.


That same year, the price of bitcoin will rise to half a million dollars, according to a portal technews leader. However, it is worth paying attention to the predictions of ambcrypto - the maximum of 715.000 promises this portal.


This year could be a turnaround for bitcoin, as there's a chance it will reach a proud million, predicts, averaging around 800,000. Portal Ambcrypto is just as positive on bitcoin's success and predicts roughly the same numbers - 962,000 at most and 836,000 on average.

Despite different forecasts and a bear market, Bitcoin predictions remain positive

The arrival of the bear cycle was necessary to unload the "inflated" market. It should have come earlier, but this was prevented by the coronavirus pandemic which hit the global economy hard. This is the opinion of financial analysts. At the moment, the price of bitcoin is not far from the bottom, after which it will begin to rise again.

At the moment, the price of bitcoin is not far from the bottom, after which it will begin to rise again.

However, if you pay attention to different studies, you'll notice that many of them aren’t as positive. According to Traders Union, bitcoin will be worth only $70.000 in 2025 and $472.000 in 2030. But predictions are still positive that bitcoin will grow in value.

Periodic collapses in the cryptocurrency market, like the one that occurred this year 2022, the decline in bitcoin value and the damage that its holders suffer in these cases - an inevitable phenomenon, given the very specifics of trading. Bictoin relies on people's trust, excitement and desire to make money. Therefore, inevitably this leads to constant growth of this coin and protects it from the eventual collapse. Many economists remind us that this year's correction isn’t the first, and bitcoin has fallen in price before, so its price is expected to rise. But we won't know for sure until the year 2030.

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