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New Meets Old: Mixing Analog and Digital Marketing is Where It’s At

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Erika Jakobi, author of the article.

Author: Erika Jakobi

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Date of Publication: 23/10/2022

Digitalization helps develop a broader understanding of buyers’ needs.

We live in a digitalized world that much we already know. Because of this, businesses develop a broader understanding of buyers’ needs. Moreover, companies can reach out to current customers and potential leads by creating digital content and analysing data. Nonetheless, digitalization also led to an overflow of information and a lack of personal interaction, for example through automated emails.

Therefore, it is a good idea to bring back some old-fashioned analog approaches into the mix – just like old fashion trends come back in style. Using analog marketing with a digital touch can generate positive results for your company. This can help you be closer to the customer. Let’s have a look at some aspects of combining old and new – analog and digital.

Why Choose a Hybrid Marketing Approach?

  • A hybrid approach is more authentic. Email-Marketing speeds up the process with all the things that need to be done. Yet it could give the impression that the brand doesn’t care about the individual customer. Instead of sending another automated email with a pre-typed greeting and digitized signature, it works better to send a thank you gift focused on the person.

  • Hybrid Marketing can build deeper customer relations. If you have the genuine intention of helping customers beyond the goal of selling something, it will stick with the customers. For example, sending a customer information about a topic that has been discussed before. With the pure intention of being helpful and open to exchange on this topic, it will positively impact the relationship with the customer.

Old-fashioned marketing never goes out of style.

How Do You Strategically Implement Analog Marketing?

  1. Gain deeper customer insights into their behaviours and emotions: Combine data-driven analytics such as survey results and comments, likes, etc. on social media and conversing with customers. As a result, you will build a deeper understanding of their emotional motivations. Furthermore, it will create a more complete, three-dimensional portrait of your potential buyers.

  2. Create an emotional connection: A phone call between two people personifies the customer experience and can lay the groundwork for trust and commitment.

  3. Build a relationship with your marketing location: This entails developing a relationship with the big search engines who decide what your customers find when they through the internet. Maintaining your company website relevance with frequent blog updates is a nice method too. In this way, you can foster relationships with current customers, casual browsers, and search engines alike.

  4. Implement small gestures that build relationships Examples:

    • A personalized, individually sent card

    • Thank you gifts

    • Customized gifts such as a skincare set

Basically, it isn’t a matter of choosing either analog or digital. In a B2B marketing strategy, each of the two channels has its own distinct advantages. To make a lasting impression, marketers should strive to incorporate the best of both.

An Example of Hybrid Marketing in Real Life

One of the first examples that come to mind is YouTube. We talk about an online platform that allows content creators to interact with the online community and give access to free benefits. For example, some fitness YOUTUBE channels make it available for subscribers to get a copy of workout plans. This hybrid model is delivered in two ways:

  1. digitally as a standard PDF

  2. download & print a PDF file and tick off their finished workouts/write additional notes

The Mix Makes the Magic

What do we learn from this? We should remember that digital marketing is a helpful way to connect to potential customers. Nonetheless, analog marketing helps to maintain the personal connection between businesses and their customers. Even if some of the approaches are considered outdated, they may greatly expand your target audience. Moreover, it will spread awareness of your business in a unique and more personal way.


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