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Marketing to Gen Z

Updated: Feb 13

Vincent from Vision Factory

Author: Vincent Bernard

Date of Publication: 04/05/2023

Generation Z, born between the mid-1990s and mid-2012, grew-up with easy access to information in a digital world, transforming the marketing landscape. In addition, social networks and smartphones are ubiquitous in the daily lives of this generation. This generation is part of the first one that is aware of societal and environmental issues. In particular, they prefer environmentally and ethically produced products and services, impacting their consumption choices. So, companies that want to attract this generation must understand their values and preferences. Yet all this is to implement an adapted strategy.

Understand the values and preferences of generation Z

Understanding the values and preferences of generation Z is essential because they have grown up in a connected world. Indeed, this generation has evolved in a digital world. As they are connected all the time, this generation has access to continuous information. So, smartphones and social networks are omnipresent in their daily lives. As a result, evolving in this technological and constantly connected environment has had a major impact on the values and preferences of this generation. Companies need to adapt their messages to match the values of this generation and to be adapted to their ever-changing expectations.

Establish a marketing strategy based on transparency, authenticity and engagement

Generation Z is aware of the marketing and advertising strategies implemented by companies. Actually, they know that companies sometimes lack transparency through their communication. Therefore, they can be sceptical and disagree with the message put forward by companies. As a result, it favours companies that show transparency and authenticity through the communication, and the relationship they establish with their customers. So, companies must be clear about the different aspects of the products and services they offer, both in terms of production, employee welfare, etc... Doing so, they can gain the trust and loyalty of Generation Z in order to establish a lasting relationship.

Use social media platforms

Moreover, companies must adapt the communication channels they use to reach Generation Z. This generation doesn’t use the same channels as other generations such as TV, radio, and print media. Indeed, members of this generation are more connected on social networks such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. These platforms are an integral part of the daily life of this generation. Therefore, companies can use these platforms to create relevant, attractive, and adapted content for Generation Z.

Members of this generation are looking for authentic and interactive content that matches their interests and personality. That’s why the use of these platforms will allow

influencers, tiktok videos making

for a more direct interaction with this generation, creating an online community. Apart from that, these platforms allow the implementation of a marketing strategy by targeting members according to several criteria. Some of these criteria are age, geolocation, gender, etc . As a result, companies can measure the performance of their content through statistics to adjust the strategy to best reach this generation.

Consider the cultural and ethnic diversity of Generation Z

Generation Z is one of the most diverse generations in history across culture, language, religion, and ethnicity. Taking this diversity into account is essential for companies to reach this generation. Therefore, companies must be sensitive to the different cultures and social norms that can influence the purchasing behaviour of Generation Z. Thus, this diversity must be represented in marketing campaigns so that they reach Generation Z. However, companies must be careful of how they represent this generation. This way they will avoid stereotypes that could have a negative impact on the brand image.

Use influencers and brand ambassadors

Using influencers and ambassadors to reach generation Z is a key element to reach generation Z. Indeed, they have a great influence with young people because they are considered as role models and reach a large part of this generation. In fact, there are different ways for companies to promote their products. For example, influencers can create content around the product or service to be promoted and share this content on their social networks. Apart from that, companies can use brand ambassadors who will work directly with consumers through events. However, avoiding stereotypes is crucial for companies to prevent a negative impact on brand image.

Provide environmentally and socially responsible solutions

Generation Z is the first to be so aware of environmental issues such as the impact of certain industries on the planet and societal issues. That’s why companies must be concerned about these issues too. This way, they can propose responsible solutions in their CSR and marketing policies. For example, they can implement sustainable business practices, ecological and ethical products. They can also support social causes such as racial justice, gender equality and diversity. WHat’s more, they can support environmental organisations in order to strengthen their commitment to the environment.

Offer personalization options

Gen Z values personalization and companies must offer options for products, services, and shopping experience based on user preferences. In order to implement effective personalization, companies can analyse the data collected, as well as the purchasing behaviour. It is also necessary to consider customer feedback to improve the personalization offer.

business women, gen z

In conclusion, Generation Z marketing is a challenge for companies that want to reach a new generation of consumers. In particular, they can do so by considering the preferences and unique characteristics of this generation such as social media use, social and environmental responsibility. So, companies need to stay on top of the rapidly evolving market to meet the changing needs of this generation.


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