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Jobs not in danger of (LLM) AI bots

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Dimitrios from Vision Factory

Author: Dimitrios Tsiachtanis

Date of Publication: 11/04/2023

The miracle of science

A lot of interest in technology news in the last months has been shown in a lot of Countries. Big IT Companies like OpenAI, msg.AI, atSpoke and others are culprits for the new generation of communication and interaction with a computer. Already AI Bots can talk to you like a human being, make jokes and even be in roles. They also can do your job sometimes. Researchers showed that, for example, they can work as customer support, send and answer emails, or write and publish articles. However, I can assure you that this is a real one!

Jobs not in danger of (LLM) AI bots

Jobs that are safe from AI bots

Because of that ability to combine and synthesize smoothly some jobs that exist now might be in danger. There are chances to be replaced by AI technology instead of human work if they are developed enough. However, there are a few jobs that are completely safe from the current technology AI bots and computers or machines are difficult to replace. A paper was published by the University of Pennsylvania professors on the 20th of March. In particular, they gave up to 49% of some responsibilities in jobs to be lost and exposed to Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT bots. This is the table with the following jobs:

occupations without any exposed tasks

A new generation of technology

An additional reason why some jobs may be lost is that AI can automate repetitive tasks.

Which means they don't require creativity or human judgment. For example, AI can

replace receptionists, courier workers, accountants, etc. It is important to bear in mind that all of this will not come into our lives the next day and will have to be approved by Congress and Governments. At the same time, new legal systems should be created and the old ones should be re-examined. The beginning has been made and sooner or later it will be a part of everyday life.

Author’s experiment

An interesting thing that I want to share with you is the answers from an AI bot about that topic. So, I asked him the following question:

● “I have heard that some jobs are in danger of being exposed to Large Language

Models bot like you. However, a scientific article showed that some jobs can never

be replaced by you” and it answered that:

a new generation of technology


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