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How to grow your followers on Instagram organically

Updated: 8 hours ago

Helena Rogulj, Author of the article

Author: Helena Rogulj

Date of Publication: 16/01/2023

Nowadays, businesses have to be active on social networks to reach their target group.

Nowadays, everyone who starts a business simply has to be active on social networks in order to reach their target group. It doesn't even have to be about physical products, but it can also be about personal branding. For example, Instagram is a platform that provides many opportunities to achieve business goals. Yet those opportunities need the right treatment. Thus, a question that often appears in various conversations is how to grow your followers community on Instagram organically. To do so, keep reading and you will surely discover some possibilities that can be useful to you.

How to manage the growth of your instagram followers community?

Being original and consistent is the key to creating content for your Instagram profile.

Be original and consistent

You have probably heard this sentence a thousand times, but no one gives concrete advice in which you could find something for yourself. Do you agree? So, offer your followers something they can "grab" on. What we mean by that is something that will give them a reason to stay on your profile and share what you're doing with their friends. Don't forget, if your followers like what you're doing, they'll share it with their friends and the circle continues to expand. These can be various categories that you will include in creating content for your Instagram profile. You know the "most famous" quote category, when profiles insert posts containing quotes just to make the profile look more dynamic. Well, unfortunately, quotes won’t keep your audience on your profile or attract new followers because you have not offered them anything that could potentially be useful to them.

Concrete advice that works

  1. Like and comment on the content on Instagram that is closely related to your type of profile. In this way you remain noticed in the eyes of your new Instagram followers, who will surely take a look at your profile.

  2. Include the Tips & Tricks category. Doing so, gives your audience useful advice from the area in which you are the strongest. Of course if it is related to the mission and vision of your profile.

  3. Create Instagram reels because it's content that the Instagram algorithm cherishes. Show yourself, your team and your customers, be natural and authentic.

  4. Furthermore, don't forget to encourage interaction with your audience. In particular, this can be through insta stories where you can include question boxes, polls, etc. Include your own audience in your everyday life and let them be part of your story.

  5. In addition, if your profile deals with something you can get interesting facts from and attracts your target group, then let it be the "Interesting" category.

  6. Moreover, if your audience likes the final result of your product/service or something you do, show them a process that will be very interesting to them.

  7. Show them how you create, how you make your products or services in order to interest and attract them. Inform them about the benefits, not just about the characteristics. Characteristics only attract attention, but benefits buy their trust.

Create Instagram reels because it's content that the Instagram algorithm cherishes.


Here is an example of how a photographer can increase their follower community on Instagram. Sharing interesting tricks that can make video more spicy and effective is a nice step. Also, sharing tips on which applications are good for editing images and videos seems really helpful . Of course, in addition to publishing your photos and videos that you shoot, when you arrange all these categories on your Instagram feed, you will definitely attract new followers. This is because you have presented your work and you give them tips and tricks for filming suggesting tools that you use yourself. So, be a "photographer" in your field, because that's what the Instagram community likes: to be given constructive suggestions with a quality background.


You need to stop and think about what you are the best at. Ask yourself if your community is familiar with what you offer on your Instagram profile. Have you marketed this information to them in a simple and interesting way? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself to begin with. But then comes the main part of the story where you need to keep Instagram followers on your profile and of course attract new ones organically.


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