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How to Grow Facebook Page Organically in 2021

Updated: May 30

In this article we will talk about how to succeed in growing your Facebook page organically in 2021.

Before we figure out how to do this, a brief summary of what Facebook is, has been and represents.

Facebook was born in the dormitories of Harvard University from the minds of Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Severin and Andrew Mc Collum. Following its launch, on 4 February 2004, the platform has seen exponential growth worldwide, reaching 2.9 billion users in 2021[1], firmly the number one social network in terms of number of members.

Despite these figures and Facebook's relative youth, 17 years old, the site is described by many analysts as a social network "in decline". This judgement, which given the numbers would seem crazy, can be partially explained by analysing the composition of the 2.9 billion mentioned above and, especially, by taking into account the site's appeal to young people.

In 2021 66,5% of Facebook users are over twenty-five years old and 22,5 % are over fourty-five years old .[2]Young people are spending less time on the service and, above all, fewer teens are signing up. So the "Aging up issue is real", while Instagram, Snapchat or Tik Tok remains incredibly popular with teens, Facebook's own data shows that they are starting to engage with the app less.

The question then arises as to whether the title of this article should not be: "How to grow your Facebook page in 2021" but "Why have a Facebook page in 2021?

Despite a few wrinkles, being present on Facebook today is still a key move and this is because of some facts.

Facebook has 2.89 billion active profiles every month and 1.84 billion users daily,[3] is the third most visited website in the world with 25.5 billion visits per month, second only to Google and Youtube,[4] and, above all, Facebook is the social media channel that provides marketers with the highest ROI[5].


Growing your Facebook page in 2021 is anything but impossible if you do it sensibly and carefully. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

1| Quality and quantity

Two nouns to keep in mind in order to grow your page are quality and quantity. Producing content on a constant basis, maintaining high quality standards is a great way not only to increase the number of your followers but also, especially at the beginning, the number of reactions and likes you will receive from people who already follow you.

Facebook, like all other social networks, manages the proposal of content through an algorithm, which prioritises, for each category of content, the posts with the greatest involvement and the pages with the greatest continuity of publication.

2| Timetable

For all things there is a precise time, give or take a minute, when we prefer to perform an action, such as having lunch, having tea or going to the cinema. Surfing Facebook is no exception. Finding out when your followers are most active is a great way to make your posts or live broadcasts more effective.

Obtaining this kind of information is very simple: just use Facebook Audience Insights. With this tool, you can not only find out the demographics, interests and location of your fans, but also when they use the app.

On your Insights page, in the "Posts" tab, you have a section called "When your fans are online". In the 'Days' section, you'll see how many of your fans are active on any given day. In the "Times" section, you will see how many of your fans are active every hour on a typical day.

3| 80/20 strategy

If you have created your Facebook page in order to increase your company's sales, the 80/20 strategy could be very useful.

A page that constantly publishes content with the aim of selling gets bored after a while and instead of gaining followers you get the opposite... and no sales. Using this strategy can change things: it is all about creating content and being well organised (perhaps by creating an editorial calendar).

How does the 80/20 strategy work? In a few words, 80% of the posts must be non-sales-related, while the remaining 20% must be sales-related: therefore, out of 10 posts, only 2 should aim to lead the user to purchase a product. The remaining 8 posts should engage followers by talking to them about some of the aspects that characterise your company, without explicitly mentioning a purchase option.

4| Targeted invitations

One of the first things that jumps out at you when analysing the results of a piece of content is that not all the people who interact with your posts follow your page, especially if a post has had a lot of shares.

This is why you should invite these people to follow your Facebook page. How?

Go to your page and click on the number of likes a post has received. You will see a tab with the profiles that have interacted with the post and boxes on the right hand side that say 'Like' or 'Invite'. When a 'Like' appears next to a user's profile, it means that person has liked your page and is following it.

Invite' means that the user has interacted with your post but has not 'Like' your page and is not following it.

When you click 'Invite' the user will receive a notification recommending that they follow your page as they have recently interacted with your posts.

This feature can be really helpful. Often if a person has liked one of your posts they will want to see other posts you make and be happy to follow you.


Increasing your number of followers on Facebook may seem difficult, but like all things, it just takes time, effort and willpower.

You'll see that with the tips listed above, the task will be even easier than you think, just give it a try!


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