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How To Create Effective Marketing Materials?

Updated: 5 days ago

Creating effective marketing materials can be hard, especially for small start-up businesses. Where to start and what aspects to take into account can be hard to determine, therefore in this article we give you 10 steps and tips for creating effective marketing materials.

1) Define the goal of your marketing materials

The first step of creating your marketing materials is defining what you’re doing it for and what you wish to achieve with the materials. Whether it’s generating leads, building brand-awareness or promoting a new product or service, the goal should always be the center point of communication. From there, you can follow the next steps in creating marketing materials.

2) Evaluate your previous materials and do research

There is a lot to learn from looking at your old marketing materials that already have been published and used in the past. Invest some time in gathering your old materials and review what worked well and what went wrong back then. Pay attention to for instance color use, lay-out and materials used and from there consider whether the message you wanted to spread actually came across. If it didn´t, review where the materials lacked exactly and what can be improved in your new marketing materials. However, if your previous marketing materials were a success obviously take the aspects that worked with you in your new promotional materials as well.

3) Consider yourself being the customer

If you see things from your customers’ point of view it will be a lot easier to create your marketing materials. What do you notice first when looking at the materials? What would you convince you to take a look? What draws your attention? Why would you look at it and what are the benefits of paying attention to the materials? What benefits does it bring you as a customer?

Probably, there are a lot of different benefits for a large range of different customers. For instance, busy parents that hope to save time with your product or service, or broke students that wish to safe money. Identify what is most important to your customer and make sure to include this headlined in your marketing materials, as this will be what draws the attention of your customers.

4) Re-consider the words and pictures you use in your materials

Professional and qualitative marketing materials don’t require having a lot of words or pictures. In fact, it will only make it look messier and unstructured and overwhelm the reader with too much information. Therefore, limit the amount of information, colors, words and visualizations to only what is 100% necessary to bring across and supports your marketing message.

5) Make use out of 360-degree marketing

Make sure to use 360-degree marketing in your materials to reinforce your company’s identity. This can be done by using familiar colors and by taking a single approach across for instance:

· Your logo

· Headline

· Lay-out

· Design style

With 360-degree marketing you ensure your marketing message is consistent in every platform where you expect your customer to be and your marketing materials have a noticeable and recognizable visualization.

6) Use testimonials

Testimonials can be a great addition to your marketing materials. Basically, a testimonial is a statement from a customer about their positive experience with your product or company. It can be a short quote as well as longer stories and it usually concerns a written text that can be included in your marketing materials. It helps bring out the benefits of your product or service from a customer perspective and usually plays a big part in making the choice whether to buy or not.

7) Add urgencies and deadlines to your offers

If applicable, consider putting a deadline or time-limit on your deals, services or product offerings. It is a psychological trait for humans to feel more pressured to take action when there is a time-limit involved and therefore your customers will be convinced faster to take action and make a purchase or get in contact. For instance, mention the latest deadline for signing up or the date your offer expirees.

8) Include a clear Call To Action

The call to action, CTA, is an important call that convinces your customers to take the next step. Examples of call to actions are:

· Visit our website @ ….

· Join our Facebook group ….

· Find us on Instagram @....

· Come to our store @ ....

Your marketing materials should always include clear call to actions, as this is a crucial part of interaction with your customers. The call to action is usually placed at the end of your promotional material, when the customer is done reading and hopefully well enough informed and interested to take this action. At the end of your materials, you should also include your contact information and communication channels however, this is not a part of your CTA.

9) Take your time with creating your materials

To create professional marketing materials effort, time, resources and money is required. It is recommended to make use out of premium materials as much as possible, for instance thick, heavy-weight paper of quality for posters and cards, premium online tools for creating social media posts et cetera. Professional marketing materials create positive associations with your company and are essential for generating customers and spreading your marketing message. Don’t underestimate the power of what well-developed marketing materials can do for your company!

10) Use templates

Especially for small businesses, it may come in handy to try templates to create your marketing materials. There are many proficient templates that can be modified and customized to your personal wishes and your own company. The advantage of using templates is that you won’t forget to include any important aspects and are extremely time-saving.


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