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How To Boost Client Loyalty Towards Brands

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

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Author: Berfu Balcı

Date of Publication: 03/02/2023

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We now know that brands have specific marketing strategies to promote their products or services. However, besides offering good quality to buyers, there are other components in businesses. In this article, we will view these components, such as client loyalty, and ways to boost them.

How Clients Loyalty Affect Businesses

Client royalty affects almost every metric of running a business. Back in the old times, small business owners achieved success by showing themselves as trustworthy to the customer. This used to happen by creating products that have good lasting quality and by having the ability to leave customers satisfied. So, loyal customers mean continuous buying at a particular time. Yet besides that, having a consistent client is much cheaper than trying to acquire a new customer. From a marketing point of view, brands spend money on different areas to promote a product. For example, to attract new customers, companies do marketing spending. There are sales labor and software costs. However, it is easy and cheaper to market to brands with loyal customers. This way, the marketing team knows the audience. Infact, customers tend to spend more money on a product they are sure of the quality. On the other hand, companies without loyal customers must continuously attract new ones. Which means spending more resources on acquiring new buyers.

How to Acquire "Loyal" Customers

Know Your Audience

Knowing them is probably the first and most crucial step of requiring loyal customers. Yes, that's right. Knowing a customer and letting them know you and what you offer them is essential. Thus, offering products to buyers according to their interests requires knowing their consuming habits. As a result, brands get to know their buyers, producing products for those specific buyers is easier.

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Motivate The Buyers

Moreover, creating little fun programs will be helpful to encourage existing customers to buy more. There are a lot of them to encourage loyalty, such as a little reward system. For example, after the first purchase, give away a discount. That way, if a customer is happy with the product, they can buy it at a better price. A brand can emphasize their strengths and values to attract and keep a customer in the house. Also, a company can successfully frame the brand by clarifying its most essential and strong qualifications.

Be Active on Social Media Accounts

How to built client loyalty? Through social media.

Benefiting from social media, especially in this modern era, is one of the most important things a brand can do. In particular, engaging with customers on social platforms can help a brand to expand its influence. The more a customer feels heard by the brand, the more they connect with it. For example, by getting immediate answers to their questions on social media platforms, customers feel heard.

Have a Strong Customer Service Game

On the other way around, a company may lose customers because of poor customer service. To avoid that, a brand should offer solid customer service, especially on social media accounts. For example, when a complaint occurs in a platform that is visible to all users, the first thing to do is move that public complaint to the PM. The next step would be to reverse that complaint into a positive customer experience and give them a reason to stay loyal to the brand.

Show You Care- Feedback Sessions

In addition, getting feedback from users and encouraging them to give feedback is another essential factor in boosting customer loyalty. If a customer sees their input taken into consideration, it makes them feel as if they are taking part in the "production stage". Who wouldn't want to stay when the feeling of "being involved" occurs? Lastly, storing the data of the clients in the database encourages buyers. Even if they are not buying anything for some time, a brand still keeps their personal information on its database. In this way, it makes the shopping process much easier and faster. In this era, time is money. So, it's a win-win.


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