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“Digital nomad: How to work remotely and travel the world”

Updated: Jan 31

The author Karoline Thomasen of the article:" “Digital nomad: How to work and travel the world”.

Publication date: 06.10.2023

Welcome to the world of digital nomads, where your office is, wherever you can find a reliable Wi-Fi connection. It’s almost crazy to think that just a couple of years ago, the majority of people were streaming to the office every day. In today's society, more people are choosing to work remotely, to either work from home or to take the big step of working while traveling. Let’s dive into the art of working remotely, while you’re traveling the globe and exploring more of yourself, balancing it all at the same time.

The benefits of working remotely

The benefits of working remotely

One of the most obvious benefits is that you get to spend time in a different location, while you’re still earning your income as usual. It’s also a chance for you to get away from your typical routine and to see the world, without having to give up your career.

You can spend the day working from wherever there is Wi-Fi, then spend your evenings and weekends exploring, surfing, or chilling, depending on your location. This way also gives you the freedom to build up your own routine and to choose when you want to put in your work hours.

Challenges of working remotely and traveling at the same time

The level of freedom you can experience is amazing, but it can also come with some difficulties. Moreover, depending on your workplace, what you work with, or your boss, the biggest and earliest hurdle is the approval. Also, your boss also needs to be on board with the idea or you need to find another way of working remotely. Working remotely while traveling can often also require a lot of self-discipline and motivation.

It can be hard to focus on your work when you’re in an exciting destination, where there are a thousand new things waiting for you to explore. These are potential distractions, that you must find a way to work around, outside of your work hours.

Deciding to check out

Working remotely but knowing when to stop

One challenge that can be hard when it comes to working remotely, is knowing when to stop. It’s important to take time off from work too. Additionally, you need to find opportunities for yourself to truly disconnect and unplug from work, to maintain a healthy work-life balance. For this to happen, it’s important to follow your schedule, by setting healthy boundaries.

Depending on your workplace, you can decide to check in every three days, or perhaps you’ll work a 4-day work week or have shorter workdays.

Time difference

Another thing that’s important to remember, is the difference in the time zones. Your company may still expect you to check-in or meet deadlines on their time. That’s why it can be important to keep a schedule or to be flexible in your work hours.

Office package checklist

When you’re traveling and working remotely, the most important thing is to have a portable office, in addition to your swimsuits. Here is a must-have of office essentials, included:

● Laptop and protective sleeve or case

● Tablet and protective case (if felt necessary)

● Small wireless mouse (If felt necessary)

● Personal hotspot

● Planner, notebook, and pens.

● Headphones.

how to work remotely and travel”

To sum up, everything is possible, it just depends on what you put your mind to. If you thought about googling the phrase “how to work remotely and travel” this year, why not make it happen? Because you can make it happen!

Keep going, this is just the beginning.


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