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Countries that earn the most from tourism

Updated: Feb 7

Varban from VF

Author: Varban Boev

Date of publication: 05/07/2023

Tourism is a significant source of income for many countries. Despite the crisis, the sector has not been as severely impacted as experts initially predicted. According to the World Tourism Organization, global tourism revenues experienced a moderate decline of only 8%. Looking ahead, the sector is expected to grow. In fact, projections estimate a total value of 1.6 trillion dollars in the coming year.



Austria ranks among the countries with the highest income from tourism, generating approximately 21.8 billion dollars. The allure of the majestic Alps contributes significantly to Austria's tourism revenue, with winter tourism being particularly well-developed. Tourism accounts for about 9% of the country's GDP.


Turkey follows closely behind with 22 billion dollars in tourism revenue. Known for its sea tourism, Turkey also boasts a wealth of historical and archaeological sites that attract visitors. The country ranks eighth in the world in terms of the number of tourists, with a steady increase in tourist arrivals from 2000 to 2008. This reaches 40 million visitors.

turkish turism


Australia's unique appeal generates around 24.7 billion dollars in tourism revenue annually. Despite its relative geographical isolation, the country captivates visitors with its nature, picturesque beaches, and, one of the best lattes in the world. Australia's futuristic architecture and the chance to encounter peculiar wildlife further enhance its allure.

Great Britain

Great Britain, with a tourism income of 36 billion dollars, is a must-visit destination for travelers. London, the country's capital, stands as the second most visited city globally, attracting approximately 15 million tourists each year. What's more, experts anticipate an even greater influx of visitors in the coming years due to the depreciation of the national currency.


Germany, as the largest European country, cannot be overlooked among the most visited destinations worldwide. With an annual income of 40 billion dollars from tourism, Germany entices visitors with its beautiful architecture, historic castles, renowned beer and sausages. Nearly 25 million tourists explore the country annually.

german tourism


China follows closely behind with 40.8 billion dollars in tourism revenue. The country's vast potential for tourism is yet to be fully realized. Many tourists choose to explore major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai to immerse themselves in Eastern culture. Over the years, the number of visitors has skyrocketed, from a mere 250,000 tourists three decades ago to almost 50 million today. This surge in tourism contributes significantly to the country's revenue.


Italy, renowned for its rich history, generates approximately 45.7 billion dollars from tourism. Boasting the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites (44) among all countries, Italy entices visitors from around the globe. Even the allure of the Sicilian mafia adds a unique dimension to the country's appeal.


France, a country with diverse offerings, rakes in 55.6 billion dollars in tourism revenue annually. Whether one seeks romance in the bustling city of Paris or a tranquil retreat in the scenic region of Burgundy, France caters to all preferences. With an astounding 79 million tourists visiting each year, France stands as the most visited country globally.


At the pinnacle of the list is Spain, with an impressive tourism income of 61.6 billion dollars. The country's vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and world-renowned cities like Barcelona and Madrid draw in a substantial number of visitors annually.

spanish tourism


Finally, the United States reigns as the ultimate leader in tourism revenue, amassing a staggering 110.1 billion dollars. With iconic destinations like Times Square, it draws 35 million tourists yearly. Not to mention the allure of Las Vegas and its famous slot machines captivating 31 million visitors. The United States remains an unbeatable force in terms of tourism income.

Overall, tourism continues to be a vital economic sector for countries worldwide. This is because it attracts visitors with a myriad of unique offerings and contributes significantly to their GDP


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