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Career Opportunities: English-speaking Jobs in Turkey

Updated: Feb 7

Author: Seda Özmen

Publication date: 26.08.2023

English has become the universal language of communication as the world grows interconnected. The companies aim to bridge the gap between local and global markets. By realizing that, just like the other companies, Turkish companies decided to employ English-speaking workers. In pursuit of this, the opportunities for English speakers in Turkey have become vast and diverse.

English speaking jobs in Turkey

Here are the top 5 industries that actively seek English-speaker employee criteria. Read on to discover the world of English-speaking jobs in Turkey.

1. Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Turkey's demand for English language education has grown significantly in recent years, creating a vast market for English teachers. As an English teacher, you can work in language schools, private institutions, or even public schools. The criteria looking for depending on the institution. Some employ the ones who can also speak Turkish but some don’t. In fact, if you don’t know Turkish, you can earn much more money than Turkish ones. The monthly salary of a beginner is between 550-600 €. You can also work as a private lesson teacher. Private lesson teachers are paid by the hour. The fee for one-hour lessons starts from 15 €. However, you’ll be responsible for three main objects:

  • Designing lesson plans

  • Providing a positive learning environment

  • Helping students to develop their language skills

If you think you can do these, why not give this job a shot? If you are also fluent in English and have the ability to teach, why bother?

If you are looking for relevant job offers, take a look here.

English speaking jobs in Turkey

2. Digital Marketing Specialist as english speaking job in Turkey

Businesses in Turkey started to aim to reach global markets. In this way, the need for skilled digital marketing specialists began to rise. By doing this job, you can work in advertising agencies and marketing departments of corporate companies. Also, you can work as a freelancer from wherever you want. This position’s salary begins at 500 €. In this role, your tasks will include:

  • Creating and executing digital marketing strategies

  • Carrying out social media campaigns

  • Optimizing websites for international audiences

  • Analyzing data to improve online visibility

Don’t forget: English fluency will be necessary for communicating with international customers and stakeholders.

Interested in? Start searching this job in:

English speaking jobs in Turkey

3. Customer Support Representative

Customer support has become crucial for ensuring excellent service to all clients.

  • Respond to queries

  • Diagnose problems

  • and provide customers with solutions.

To properly serve international clients, it will be essential to speak and write English proficiently. Check to find this job here.

English speaking jobs in Turkey

4. Documentation and Operation Specialist

In the dynamic world of modern business, documentation, and operation specialists play a key role in ensuring the flow of processes and information. These skilled professionals are the ones behind efficient operations. As a documentation and operation specialist, your tasks are going to be like:

  • Crafting relevant documents meticulously

  • Managing the documentation process of an organization

  • Maintaining regulatory compliance and quality assurance

  • Communicating with customers frequently

  • Checking and following the activities in the workspace day-to-day.

Foreign trading companies in Turkey are looking for a documentation and operation specialist who has the ability to have a high English level. The salaries are between 550 – 670 €. Don’t worry about knowing Turkish because your job is based on English documents. These companies work with countries abroad that’s why they need someone to manage the relationships.

Click here if you want to apply for this job.

5. IT and Software Development Engineer

Many companies are seeking IT and software development engineers as Turkey’s tech industry has been rapidly expanding. You can find this job in any company that uses a computer, mobile device, and internet connection (i.e. almost anywhere). The salaries change between 750-1000 € depending on your experience. As an IT professional, you will manage:

  • The computer networks,

  • Physical hardware,

  • Software,

  • Systems,

  • Audio and video communication tools.

Also, you might be responsible for:

  • Mobile app creation, and more.

English fluency is necessary to contact international clients and team members since many digital organizations operate on a worldwide basis.

Jobs in English in Turkey

Turkey's embrace of the English language as a gateway to global opportunities has opened up its doors to skilled job seekers. From teaching English to being an IT professional, the country offers diverse career paths. Don’t forget to emphasize your English proficiency and adaptability as you begin your quest to work in Turkey. These traits will surely set you apart from other candidates in this competitive job market.

Good luck!


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