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Business aesthetic

Updated: May 31, 2023

Author: Lenka Koubkova

Date of Publication: 11/11/2022

Aesthetics can help to sell products and become successful.

These days aesthetics have become a new model of marketing and created another possibility for businesses to stand out on the market. In fact, it helps to sell products and become successful as core needs such as the quality and functionality of the products are met by many other companies.

What is an aesthetic look?

The aesthetic look of products, websites, or even Instagram feeds is a tool that satisfies consumers' eyes and sense of detail. The aesthetic design awakens a positive response to products in consumers and the desire to own the products. For example, it could start with the company image, logo, colours or font and continue to the store facade, entrance or lighting system. Moreover, it differentiates companies from their competitors and it’s a crucial element in this modern era. It all could be achieved through branding, social media marketing or the work area of the business.

How aesthetic looks help businesses

As stated above, the importance of aesthetic looks is on the rise, especially among Millennials and Gen Z consumers. Consumers tend to like visually appealing things, and are more likely to spend money on those products. Most of them love to be in an aesthetic space, and purchasing those products gives them feelings of that. It also demonstrates to them the quality of the business and adds value to products. Therefore, aesthetically pleasing products are viewed as more valuable ones. Thanks to that, you can put a higher price on the product and easily build a brand identity on the market.

● Professionalism

Aesthetics and clear look among the platforms is the easiest way to establish professionalism of your business and build trust with the consumer.

● Consumer´s engagement is going to raise

People easily gravitate towards things that they find pleasing and appealing to their eyes. By establishing a clean look you appeal to their aesthetic interests and get higher engagement from them.

Creating a mood board can bring out nice aesthetics.

● Create a mood board

Create a template with colours, fonts, your product and any other images that reminds you or represent your business. By that you will always have something to come back to when you get lost on the track or you need inspiration.

How to build an aesthetic look

Here are some tips and tricks on how to achieve the aesthetic look of your website or instagram feed.

1) Brand personality

  • The aesthetics of your feed or website should straightly give consumers a sense of who you are. Ask yourself questions such as, “Who are you as a brand?” and “What makes you different from the competition? “

  • To answer those questions you should look at your core values and what audience you are targeting as your personality should align with them.

2) Connection of the personality to visual identity

  • This process doesn’t have to be as detailed as the first one. Mainly, you should have a rough idea of the visual identity you would like to maintain throughout the time.

  • It is about thinking if you are going to use bright, clean and minimal visual identity or your brand more align with rich and dark visual identity. Also, you should mind the use of colours. That means if you are going to prefer a bold identity or muted and pleasant colours.

The most important factor is the aesthetic colour combination that you are going to use.

3) Choice of colours

  • The most important factor is the aesthetic colour combination that you are going to use. That is what consumers will react immediately to and will decide their feelings about your brand.

  • The colours should be complementary to each other and create a positive feeling when looking at it.

  • If it is not that case, consumers could feel confused and also it will be hard for you to create an aesthetic for the brand.

4) Stick to the one style

  • Once you find your style and aesthetic that suits your brand, stick to it!

  • People are going to memorize that style with your brand and frequent changes of your aesthetic would be difficult for standing out in the crowd.

  • Also, create a template for design consistency so that you do not get lost.

5) Look beyond your feed

It is not only about your Instagram feed or website. The attention should be paid also to aesthetics of your Instagram stories and highlights, Reels, Tiktok or even on site stores.

To sum it up, it’s essential to create a positive experience and serve a pleasant look to consumers at a first impression. Therefore, you should stick to your aesthetic on all online platforms as it is viewed as more friendly, usable and valuable. Lastly, you should remember that an aesthetic look isn’t everything and the usability of the product has to match the expectations built by the aesthetics.


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