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Advertisements: Definition, Types and Benefits

Updated: Feb 5

The author Karoline Thomasen of the article:" Advertisements: definition, types and benefits"

Publication date: 20.09.2023

Welcome to the world of advertisements, where creativity blends with business and persuasion takes center stage. In this article, we’re diving into advertisements' exciting realm, aiming to define advertisements and their types. Whether you’re a marketing maven or just someone curious about the magic behind those catchy jingles and captivating visuals, you’re in for a treat!

But what exactly is an advertisement? And if you’re a new upcoming business owner, do you know about advertisements and their benefits?

the world of advertisements

What is an advertisement?

An advertisement, also known as an advert or ad, is a public communication that promotes a service, brand, product, or event. The advertising world has also extended so that it now runs around as a business of paid communication designed to inform or influence. Yet advertisements can be tricky to define, especially in our digital world nowadays. So how do we define an advertisement?

In fact, it can span from bus shelters to search engines, Instagram influencers, etc. This indicates that the Field of advertisement has never been broader or more complex than it is now. But one important thing to remember in this field, is that advertisement is not the same as marketing.

But how do we define advertisement in marketing? In particular, it's defined as a subcategory under advertisement. So, advertisement is a type of paid marketing that the advertiser has control over.

Why are advertisements important?

Advertisement is important for businesses because they are the most direct way to reach potential customers. It helps raise awareness of your company, so that people know about your product, service, and features. What’s more, they can have an instant impact on your business in a bunch of different ways.

Advertisement is important for businesses

What does advertisement in business include?

1. Brand awareness

Your Advertisement can make your target audience more aware of your existence, so it can help them take the first step into your company's sales direction.

2. Brand reputation

Crafted messages made up for your brand can tell an audience what your brand stands for and how your work is in general. So, by sharing your mission and values, you can use advertisements to build a reputation.

3. Sales

The majority of ads are designed to increase sales, whether it is by directly promoting a specific product, service, or deal.

Benefits of advertisements

Different types of advertisement

If we were to dig in on where it all started, the earliest recorded advertisements have been found on ancient Egyptian papyrus. On the other hand, modern advertisement can be traced back to the invention of the printing press. In particular, the first newspaper was published in the 1500s, it started a revolution in the advertisement world that has been ongoing until this day.

As the years went by, it started with the print production of newspapers, magazines, and posters. Later it evolved into a broadcast advertisement, covered through radio and TV channels. Today we see it anywhere, also on outdoor advertisements as well as digitally.


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