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5 Tips for a Diversity Marketing Strategy

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Michela Roberto, author of the article.

Author: Michela Roberto

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Date of Publication: 16/10/2022

We can define marketing diversity as a marketing strategy that considers the differences between subgroups of a target market. Such groups are age, gender, disability, sexual identity and religion.

In fact, it has nothing to do with the ways in which a message is delivered, but has everything to do with the content of the marketing message. So here are 5 important steps to consider in diversity marketing.

Steps for a diversity marketing strategy

1. Embrace diversity in the creative team

This refers to building diversity in the workplace. It can also imply crafting a creative team that includes the backgrounds, philosophies, and beliefs of your target audience.

2. Make data a centrepiece

This step consists of collecting as much data as possible. Apart from that, you should use modern data analysis techniques to extract meaningful insights about a subgroup. This is crucial to avoid any misunderstandings in the message you wish to convey.

3. Build from the ground up

The marketing message should be unique for each group. What’s more, it should recognize customers’ specific needs, desires, and connection with the brand.

4. Understand the language of inclusivity

Learn how to craft a diversity statement that you can use to showcase the efforts you are making as a company.

5. Let customers have a voice

This means collecting and listening to your customers’ feedback during and after the execution of a campaign. The feedback you collect can then either validate or challenge your efforts. In any case, getting your customers’ feedback is a valuable tool that leads to improvement and excellence.

Now let’s look at some examples of campaigns that used good diversity marketing strategies.

Successful examples of diversity marketing campaigns

  • Fenty Beauty “Beauty for All” campaign

Fenty Beauty promotes diversity and inclusion.

Rihanna is the owner of the make-up brand Fenty Beauty. Since the beginning, she made sure to promote diversity and inclusion for all types of skins and shades.

  • Adobe “When I See Black”

Diversity can be expressed through art in many ways.

Diversity can be expressed through art in different ways. Adobe’s campaign stands just for that.

  • Coca Cola “America Is Beautiful”

Multinational brands such as Coca Cola are also set on diversity marketing strategies.

Coca Cola “America Is Beautiful” also shows one of the best diversity marketing strategies ever used.

In conclusion, companies should never forget that the market consists of people and their willingness to pay for their products. In addition, each and every customer belongs to a subgroup with which they identify. Therefore, such subgroup identities should be taken into account when developing a diversity marketing strategy. A careful consideration of customers’ subgroups and what differentiates them from other subgroups is key to success.


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