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How Digital PR Revolutionizes Business Success

Updated: Feb 13

Ilona from VF

Date of publication: 04/07/2023

PR (Digital public relations) is an activity to form a certain image of a famous person, political party, company, or brand. Many perceive PR as a synonym for deception, and disinformation. However, the point of PR is to build relationships with the public and to increated business success.

Let's look at the example of a company that recently entered the market. Such a company needs to quickly gain recognition. It should be talked about. This problem is solved by PR. Being honest or lying is a matter of choice that the business owner and PR specialists make. So, Digital PR is a modern trend in PR that solves the same problems with the help of new media.

PR activities

Why work on your online reputation?

Blogs and social media pages bring a company closer to its customers. Interaction with visitors and subscribers is more active. This cannot be achieved on TV and in print media. Let's see why digital PR is needed for business.

Positive feedback and reaction to negativity

Reviews about goods and services are one of the key factors that influence the purchase decision. So, working on getting positive reviews will pay off by improving your reputation and recognition. Thanks to PR, customers will recommend your product themselves. Therefore, reviews play a role in choosing a bank, insurance company, doctor, and other services.

PR specialists and marketers are faced with a serious problem: getting positive reviews is many times more difficult than negative ones. Thus, a situation is quite real when even a good specialist will receive more negative reviews than positive ones. For this reason, a PR campaign will help avoid such problems and show the positive aspects of your product.

Launch and promotion of new products and services

Complex, often obscure goods and services appear on the market. Your target audience may simply not understand why they need what you offer. For example, musical arrangements for shops, cafes, and other businesses are such cases. At first glance, it seems that you can just save the music on the media and play it. But there are many pitfalls here. To show the value of the service, first tell users about the problems they might encounter. After talking about the difficulties, offer a solution in the form of your service or product. Therefore, if the problem is real and serious, the product will generate interest.

Loyalty building

The goal of a PR campaign may not be to increase the audience or awareness. Often digital PR works to increase visitor loyalty. Here we are faced with a fundamental difference between advertising and PR. The purpose of advertising is to sell the product to an already heated audience. So, PR works to introduce the product to the audience and make the brand recognizable.

How to measure and evaluate the results of a digital PR campaign?

Like other business success, PR needs to be controlled, measured, and evaluated. How to do it and what to pay attention to?

Awareness growth

A successful PR campaign will increase the awareness of a brand, public figure, product, or website. An obvious indicator of growing awareness is more clicks on brand queries. You can track them using data from Serpstat and Google Analytics from the search queries section. Therefore, before starting work, you need to fix the starting indicators of the site for branded traffic.

Growth of interactions

Feature of new media in interactivity. In marketing, you can’t focus on the number of likes, reach, and reposts. But in PR, the situation is reversed. All these indicators indicate that brand awareness is growing. The same applies to the number of reposts, and comments on articles on the site.

Audience loyalty, repeated visits to the site

The loyalty of the audience on the site can be assessed by several indicators in Google Analytics. These metrics include:

  • average time on site;

  • bounce rate;

  • retention rate, which is calculated using the cohort analysis method.


Digital PR complements the possibilities of SEO, SMM, and contextual advertising. That’s why for startups, PR will be an obligatory starting stage of promotion. With the help of digital PR, it is easier to introduce future clients to a startup and get branded traffic. So, digital PR will help e-commerce companies get more real positive reviews. Thanks to PR, lawyers, doctors, and other specialists will gain greater recognition and customer loyalty.


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