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Udemy: An introduction to the platform and how it works

Updated: Feb 6

Author: Kinga Glowinska

Publication date: 02.09.2023

In today's digital era knowledge and education are becoming increasingly important. As a result, online learning platforms like Udemy have experienced remarkable success. Udemy has established itself as one of the leading platforms for online courses. It enables people to learn new skills, deepen their interests and achieve professional as well as personal goals.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning platform founded in 2010. It first stands out for its massive range of courses on various topics, including IT, business, creativity, health, languages, music and much more. Also, the platform brings together teachers who have expertise in specific areas and learners who want to improve their skills or acquire new knowledge. Apart from these, Udemy allows experts to create and offer their courses for everyone. As a result, learners can choose from a variety of courses that meet their needs and interests.

How does Udemy work?

Udemy's functionality is designed to be simple and user-friendly to make it easy for people to participate in courses regardless of their technical knowledge. Learners can visit the Udemy website and choose from thousands of systems. In particular, the courses are divided into different categories so that users can easily find the course that matches their interests and goals. To take a course on Udemy, users must first register on the platform and create an account. This only requires a valid email address and password.


After registration is complete, users can purchase the desired course. Most courses require a paid subscription that can be purchased monthly or yearly. What’s more, the costs of the courses differ from $20 to $200. Besides that, there are also courses available for free. Once the course is purchased, learners get access to all course content, including video lessons, written materials, exercises, and sometimes even tests.

Flexibility and professionalism

Udemy offers a variety of courses on almost every topic imaginable, which allows learners to develop their interests and goals. Besides that, the platform will enable users to create a flexible schedule and learn at any place they want. This is especially beneficial for people with busy schedules or work commitments.

Furthermore, courses on Udemy are often created and led by experts who have knowledge and experience in the required fields. The users can ask questions and interact with course instructors. Moreover, the courses are more affordable compared to traditional educational offerings.


Benefits of the Udemy platform

Another great advantage of Udemy is that learners have lifelong access. This means that they can revisit the content or access it when they need to refresh their knowledge of acquired content.

Upon completion of a Udemy course, learners often receive a certificate. This certificate confirms that the user has completed the course. Therefore, it can serve as proof of new skills or professional development for one’s future work environment.

All about Udemy Kinga

Udemy has established itself as a hugely popular platform for online learning, offering people worldwide access to professional knowledge. The wide range of courses, the flexibility of education and the opportunity to learn from experts are very appealing. The platform has had a lasting growth in the educational system mainly aimed at adults and students. Udemy consequently enables people to train themselves and improve their skills at any time and any place.


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