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Finding your management style

Updated: Jan 30

The author Shaïna Peek of the article:"Finding your management style ".

Author: Shaïna Peek

Publication date: 25.10.2023

What actually article is about ?

Every person is different, as is every manager. In other words, everyone has different values and ideals, and different habits. However, to make it easier for you to find your own way of managing, this article will give some tips on the most common managing styles.

Managing styles

Authoritative management

 authoritative leadership: hard work but best performance

With authoritative leadership, managers try to inspire their employees. Therefore, through hard work, growth is encouraged. Not just growth for the manager, but for individuals in the team as well.

Despite the manager being the leader of the group, they also motivate their employees. So, team members are encouraged to give their best performance.

Democratic management

Contrary to authoritative management, democratic management creates a more equal dynamic. As a result of this, team members are more involved in the decision-making. This is because there is more of an open environment where being a team is encouraged. So, collaboration is at the forefront of the model. Decisions are made through a voting system. So, team members also have a say in the decisions.

Laissez-fair management

This management is more about individuality as there are more specific tasks given to people and there is more freedom. What’s more, the management is available for questions and issues, but employees are expected to be able to work by themselves.

Therefore, the manager works separately on their tasks, while sometimes helping members. However, the manager is still responsible for the team. As a consequence, they still face pressure for individual performances by employees.

Collaborative management: open and trusting environment

Collaborative management

Collaborative management is similar to democratic management. This style also harbours an open and trusting environment for a team. However, the manager holds more authority. While team members can offer their input on issues, the final decision is made by the manager. Thus, the manager is still considered more a leader, instead of simply part of the team.

Transformational management

With transformation, creativity is very much encouraged. Through their enthusiasm and energy, the manager creates an inclusive environment. Employees are given a lot of individual attention and are encouraged to think outside of the box. Because of this encouragement, employees share the company's ideals more. So, they feel more motivated to share ideas for the company. As a result, teams are built on loyalty and inclusivity.

Coaching management

Like its name implies, coaching management has managers hold more of a mentor role. Members are given individual attention. The manager is much approached for feedback. In return, they offer encouragement in order to improve individual performance. Feedback is given indirectly, while good performances are also rewarded. This manager is patient, encouraging, and able to offer good advice.

Determining your management style

Your strengths and weaknesses

Firstly, your management style should fit your personality. In order to assess your personality, consider making a list of your strengths and weaknesses. For example, you are not an authoritative person and you like to collaborate. In that case, perhaps you can consider democratic management. Also, take note of traits that you admire in others. Consider copying certain aspects for your own workplace.

A leadership style test

If you struggle with assessing yourself, the internet can do it for you. There are a lot of tests with questions that help determine your best fit. Simply google online and quickly fill in the test. Most results are given instantly along with an explanation. Also, some tests give multiple results. If you don’t agree with the first choice, take a look at the next option given. This way, you are sure to find the style that best fits you.


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