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A Guide to cold messaging on LinkedIn

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

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Author: Sara Pinto

Date of Publication: 01/06/2022

We all know the importance of having a LinkedIn profile. This is because it enables you to search for jobs and connect with people relevant to you. Also, you have the chance to find employees fitting your company or to look for potential customers. Are you communicating in the right way?

According to Statista, by the year of 2022, LinkedIn will have almost 840 million users, with a tendency to increase in the following years. What does this mean? More important than having an account is knowing how to navigate through this platform and how to reach people whilst being relevant!

First, in this article, you will find a definition of cold messaging. Then, the major benefits of this practice on LinkedIn will be explored. Also, a simple guide to understanding how to do it.

Do not forget to check the templates at the end!

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Defining cold messaging

This is about contacting someone with a certain purpose through messages online, usually to present a product, an opportunity, or simply an introduction about you or your company. These types of messages must be brief but with space to make people curious about what you are saying, which will lead to a two-part conversation. The goal of cold messaging is precisely that, originating a conversation.

How can you benefit from cold messaging on LinkedIn?

The major benefit on this specific platform, LinkedIn, is networking. Through these interventions, you are creating awareness and getting people that can be potential customers or potential employees to know about your existence.

Also, with LinkedIn, we are talking about conversations that happen in real time, opposite to what happens with cold emailing. Here you can see if your connections are online and start a real-time conversation which honestly makes the process more smooth and straight to the point.

Another advantage is that you have access to a part of people’s life. Therefore, you have what can be your best friend on your way to a successful cold message, information! That information allows you to go personal in your communication and because of that, people get more interested!

In fact, digital marketers praise the perks of LinkedIn’s messaging capabilities and see value in using those instead of spam email.

Guide to cold messaging:

When you send a cold message without knowing some strategies, it is challenging to get responses. However, the truth is that you are contacting someone that probably doesn’t know who you are.

Following that, here is a guide for you to master cold messaging on LinkedIn.

Know the LinkedIn platform

Do not start sending messages before you have an appealing profile. If you were to send messages with a blank or unprofessional profile, it would be extremely unlikely to get a response. Take a look for templates that allow you to build a cohesive profile.

After your profile is set and done, work on connecting with people from your industry or relevant to it.

Confidence & Clarity

Let’s say you are searching for a job. Don´t make your message sound like you desperately need that job. Make a brief and polite introduction and be straight to the point. Imagine you were a recruiter, receiving 100 messages per day, or even 50, would you be interested in a 5 minute long message full of irrelevant topics? From a recruiter's perspective, they all advise less than 100 words with spaced paragraphs to make the message seem less dense and following that, easier to respond.

Another scenario is if you are a company trying to sell a product/service or just introducing your brand. Do not waste your time outreaching people that do not fit with your company’s values or product. If you sell meal-based meals, you will not be contacting vegans for example. Find people that can become your customers and again, keep the message short but interesting.

Be personal

As stated before, one advantage of the platform is that you have access to information about a range of professional aspects but also, people’s interests. Use that smartly and customise your messages to each person. If the other person can relate to you in some sort of way through your message, you will get more responses because you caught their attention.

Make a question

The power of a simple interrogation point is that it leaves space to carry on the conversation. But careful, you do not want 3 questions in your first cold message, keep it one. Even if you have more questions/ doubts, leave those after you get a response and ask what is more important to you.


  • Contacting a hiring manager


I just saw a post regarding employment opportunities for marketing positions at [NAME OF THE COMPANY] and it immediately caught my eye since I’ve been a consumer myself. I have developed expertise in [enumerate 3-4 areas]. Is there any job position that would benefit from these skills?

I would be happy to send you my CV if that’s the case.

  • Contacting a potential customer


I came across your profile due to our mutual connections and saw you worked at [COMPANY], same here!

Now, I have created my own company, selling [ product/service] which was a gap in the market. I believe you fit my customer profile! Could you check my website [insert website] and share some thoughts with me? I could use some feedback :)

Hope to talk with you soon!


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