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A Brave New World: Digital Diplomacy

Updated: Feb 7

ESRA TAHINC is the author of the article titled : a brave new wold: digital diplomacy


Publication date: 15.08.2023

The latest technological transformations and the digital revolution affect every aspect of life and international relations. Diplomacy, the main tool of foreign policy, was also affected by this revolution and transformed.

International relations are always significantly influenced by technology and developments in information technology today. Actually, it affects all areas of society in how governments operate and with each other. The field of international relations examines the forms of establishing relationships and has an important influence on this issue. Therefore, in this article, we will emphasize the importance of this situation and why we should use digital diplomacy correctly.

Why are digitization and Digital Diplomacy important?

use of digital technologies

Using the digital diplomacy mentioned here, we can analyze the foreign policy agenda very well. This is because the primary role of diplomacy is to achieve common ground through dialogue. Therefore, the primary role of cyber diplomacy will be to find solutions to problems through digital dialogue. Social platforms, especially Twitter, play a major role in the development of cyber diplomacy.

Political Perspective on Digital Diplomacy

The best example of this is that most of the world's heads of state are active on Twitter and keep in touch from there. Although we believe that this innovation will bring many changes, digital diplomacy cannot replace traditional diplomacy. But even the more existence of digital diplomacy has added many dimensions to traditional diplomacy.

Fast Stream Processing with Digital Diplomacy

The most important element of the digital revolution is big data. Considering that new data flows take place every second that passes, it did not take long for this revolution to take place. In recent years, there have been many epidemic processes, various disasters and economic crises. This has become the most appropriate way to refute conspiracy theories on social media.

diplomats in digital era

Technological Perspective

Digital diplomacy is playing an increasing role in our volatile world, perhaps even preventing future wars. When technology-enabled social networks are flooded with false rumors and misinformation, it can quickly lead to mass hysteria, confusion, and hostility. The same networks have the right information and the ability to communicate beyond other cultural barriers. but do they have a positive effect when they engage and engage enough minds? This is an important question at this point.

Digital Diplomacy in 2023

States with digital diplomacy are one of the most popular types of modern diplomacy. Using new means of communication diplomatically has become a necessity for everyone in this sense. But unlike traditional diplomacy, it is more effective by providing a means of communication. Digital diplomacy, which has a complementary nature, also carries some weaknesses. The 2000s are a favorable environment for public diplomacy and digital diplomacy.

Although it is seen that diplomacy provides an environment, it is clear that this is cyclical in its development in the historical process. This is because its purpose and function remain largely constant. So, diplomacy can quickly adapt to the changes in the mass media and hence the functional character of diplomacy.

modern diplomatic people

For example, if the current conditions bring public diplomacy and digital diplomacy, which are the types of classical diplomacy, to the fore, then the need for diplomacy continues. As a result, digital diplomacy has entered our lives and has become more than a necessity for us, developing societies. Every action we take to meet this need is our duty.


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