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What is e-mail marketing?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Nicola Ferrari: Author of the article ' What is email marketing?

Author: Nicola Ferrari

Date of Publication: 02/08/2022

An E-mail marketing system is important, if not needed, for every business. Having a direct way, allows us to communicate with user. This accompanies them within your business and is the best investment we can make. The reason is because you can get

the maximum value from the user. In a world where getting and tracking user data (who he is, what his preferences are, what he likes to do, etc.) becomes increasingly difficult. So it is increasingly important having an automation process to communicate with a user in a direct way.

Obviously you have to invest in this process because it allows you to inform customers by customizing the communication. It also gives you the ability to inform customers about new products and new campaigns. But there is also a disadvantage: this kind of marketing can keep customers away with constantly annoying spam emails. As a result, you need to be able to find the right compromise to better initiate communication.

The basics of email marketing

The basics of e-mail marketing

In short, it is a use of e-mail to promote/sponsor products or services that our company deals with, to our customers or prospects. Therefore it is any e-mail sent to a customer to encourage loyalty and/or purchase a product. E-mail marketing is a segment of Internet marketing that includes online marketing via websites, blogs, social media and more.

Morover the main goal is to bring value to users in order to gather a contact to communicate effectively. Especially use sofware for automatic communication in various channels such as Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Because the key is to have a unique identifier to be able to customize and automate communication with our users.

The main objectives must be:

The main objectives of email marketing

  • Sell products or services;

  • Get in touch with new customers;

  • Keep those already acquired;

  • Continuous user support.

Who needs email marketing?

E-mail marketing serves everyone and all business needs. It is actually the web marketing tool that more than any other is potentially suited to all types of businesses. This is because you get the most direct contact with the customer. So basically you "enter" in the mailbox of your customer to create a communication relationship 'one to one' exclusive.

What to consider when evaluating an email marketing tool?

There are many tools, which vary according to the price and the type of activity you have to do. Some are more specialized in a type of activity, others for different things. The

parameters you must check are:

  • The budget available to you. If you are a small e-commerce company it is preferable to use the tools that have a lower cost. This doesn’t mean that they are not great to use;

  • It depends on the type of user you are and what you want to achieve the best performance.

  • Test the reputation of the tool on the market. That is whether it is actually being used and whether you are not scamming;

  • How many external integrations are possible? So try to figure out how many integrations with other software tools are available. Then discard those without even an integration.

The 6 best e-mail marketing software tools according to

The 6 best e-mail marketing software tools
  • Best Overall:  Mailchimp

  • Best for Automation:  ActiveCampaign

  • Easiest to Use:  MailerLite

  • Best All-in-One Marketing Suite:  Hubspot

  • Best Affordable Option:  Moosend

  • Best for E-commerce:  Drip


Email marketing plays a very important role in the marketing strategy of a business. In fact, it creates a constant connection with the client. It also keeps the memory of the company alive until the customer is ready to buy. The main pron is that this method avoids calling the customer so many times on the phone. Therefore, it doesn’t become heavy and annoying. Instead of contacting a customer, you can get his e-mail address and permission to subscribe to your newsletter. Then you have made a 'relationship' that you can continue over time without any problem.

Note!! All this only works by doing e-mail marketing in the proper way. Thus an email

marketing campaign must be based on an editorial plan and on the creation of VALUABLE CONTENT for the user who needs to read it.


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