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Unethical business practices

Updated: Feb 8

Varban from VF

Author: Varban Boev

Date of Publication: 16/06/2023

These days, there are many unethical practices being undertaken by companies in all sectors. For this reason, we are going to talk about some of them in order to identify and avoid them .

Some of unethical business practices


Unfortunately, there are many unethical business practices still exist today. One of the potential victims of this type of scam is tourists because they can be easily exposed. I guess all of us have heard of currency exchange scams or even ATM scams. This is the case with the ATM machine of the Euronet company, which in 2020 was found to be taking too large a commission from European customers.


Quite often, companies with such activities are criticized on the grounds that they try to make people addicted to gambling . Actually, their main goal is to earn as much money as possible from them. Also, it is true that in many countries gambling advertising has remained without any regulations in the resulting number of gambling addicts. As a result, the population in these countries is quite large, especially among young people.

Fast food

Organizations that produce and sell foods of this kind are criticized as causing food addictions in customers . In particular, these make them buy more of their products. For example, the McDonald's company puts various ingredients in their fried potatoes which they cause addiction in customers. As a result, it’s needless to say that the customers of the companies in this industry suffer from overweight and other diseases. This is due to the excessive consumption of foods of this kind.

Fast food


Unfortunately, many of the companies that produce clothes often try to save as much as possible and give their workers very poor working conditions. Of course, we are aware of the practices of large organizations such as Adidas and their factories in Asian countries. There is serious exploitation, child labor and low pay for those working there.



Both the fast food companies and the companies that produce chips and other similar snacks put bad substances in these foods. In this way, they manage to cause addiction in customers.

Steroids and nutritional supplements

Many people, especially the young ones, try to look good and quite often use these harmful products to achieve this goal. The access to them is unfortunately very easy. As a result, there are many people who suffer from illness or die as a result of their use.


In conclusion, we can understand that there are many unethical practices that the law accepts as legal. As a result, our whole society suffers. Therefore, the change must come with more serious regulations related to the processes used by companies in these industries.


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