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Tricks & advice for a modern employment- LinkedIn

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Ema from Vision Factory

Author: Ema Guštin

Date of Publication: 28/04/2023

In general, LinkedIn is an online platform designed primarily for job seekers looking

for their future employers. However, it’s also for employers to find the necessary

workforce for their business. In particular, LinkedIn is designed to offer profile editing

for both sides. On the one hand, this allows people to write about their personal lives,

goals, and achievements. On the other hand, companies can post about their

investments, projects, and available workplaces.

LinkedIn: Job Search & News

Moreover, users of this platform can easily connect with people and companies with

the same interests. For example, they can read about their successors, engage in

online business networks and stay updated. So, if you are a new LinkedIn user

and a job seeker, stay with me! Including my own recent experience, I will advise you

on how to create your profile and start looking for your new employment.


1. Choose the right profile picture & add a background photo

Your picture should be recent and at the same time, bright and clear. In

response to what to wear, it should be something appropriate for a workplace.

Actually, your profile picture should indicate two things: 1. that you are

confident and 2. you are ready for new professional experiences. Moreover,

part of this image is also a background photo. Actually, this is an additional

tool to grab people's attention and get them to contact you.

2. Create a unique headline

This field marks the first thing that comes under your name. Above all, it's

your professional title. At the same time, it allows you to present your degree,

aspirations, and professional goals. Furthermore, you can also present your

biggest motivation or achievements. In general, try to give a lot, with a few


3. Your summary

The summary on your profile should mark your professional short story.

There, your should mention your self-noticed professional skills. Adjectives

like: „Leadership“, „Creative“, and „Innovative“ are welcome. Moreover, try to

make them actually significant by adding your personal experience. Don't be

too formal! You can also rely on your hobbies, connected with your professional life.

4. Visual elements

Except for your profile background, try to involve some visual content. For

example, you can upload a short video of you talking about yourself. Apart from

that, you can share some photos of an interesting event that you recently joined.

5. Connect your profile with your email address

One of the most efficient ways to grow your network on LinkedIn is by connecting

your profile with your email address. This allows LinkedIn to show you new

connecting suggestions. Of course, no connection will be made without your


6. LinkedIn Learning

Complete a course on LinkedIn Learning and add a course certificate to your

profile. When you start browsing LinkedIn Learning, primarily it will suggest

courses related to the skills that you added to your profile.

7. Share content from your feed relevant to your interests and add your personal comments and reviews

Be an active part of your connections. You are new in the business world, but

also, looking for your first permanent job. Try not to be an observer, include

yourself by easily leaving a comment. Furthermore, congratulate others and show

that you value someone else's effort.

8. Follow relevant influencers in your industry

This will give you a lot of interesting content every day. It means you can share it.

Besides, it gives a background to all those elements that you wrote in your

personal information.

9. Publish long-form content

Sharing and commenting on content is a great way to see how you leave your mark

on this network. You can monitor the responses you get and realize if you send

the desired message to others. This tool will soon start to give you some ideas

about creating your own posts. Besides, it will lead you to a beginning of a

conversation with your new potential employer.

10. Do not exaggerate with activities

Spending too much time on every digital network gives an unprofessional picture of

you. Therefore, you should balance your current life and everyday obligations with

the current job seeking. Upgrading your profile, making new followers, and posting

different content, can be excessive. This way, other professionals will start to

suspect your real abilities. All the successful relations and contacts were made with

a dose of patience and understanding.

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