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The last dance

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Christian Bruno, author of the article with title "The last dance"

Author: Christian Bruno

Date of Publication: 03/10/2022

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The Last Dance is a series originally produced by Netflix.

Structure of series

The structure of the series follows two different timelines, which end up meeting. The first timeline begins during the 1997/98 preseason season, ending with the finals of that season. On the other hand, the second timeline begins with Jordan starting in high school and college. Actually, he goes through his career with the Bulls and ends with him joining the first timeline in 1997.

Tensions and moods

In the first episode the flashback narrates the days at college of Jordan and of the first days in the NBA. The Bulls take a preseason trip to Paris in tension with General Director Jerry Krause. In the second episode instead, Scottie Pippen has established herself as one of the better players. An early career injury for Jordan creates resentment and mistrust among executives.

Victories, scandals, Jordan world icon and his first retirement

In the third Episode Rodman’s attitude and energy help the team succeed but create problems off the field. Then the Bulls fight to overcome the Pistons at the end of years 80’. In the fourth episode the philosophy and behaviour of Phil Jackson bring the Bulls to the next level. The team finally overcomes Detroit and goes to the finals against the Lakers of Magic Johnson. In the fifth episode, Jordan became a cultural global icon in its genre. A book revealing and a thorough examination of his gambling, undermined his reputation. But he was focused on winning a third consecutive title in 1993. In the sixth episode, Jordan, devastated by the death of father, retreats into 1993 to play baseball.

Return of Jordan, fourth title and second three-peat

The Bulls go forward with Scottie Pippen in the role of principal. In the eighth episode Jordan’s return to the Bulls energizes the team,city, and the same team. However, a defeat at the playoff of 1995 pushes him to work hard. This was awarded with their fourth championship NBA at Seattle in the 1996, after a season with 72 victories.

Basketball - The last dance

The last acts

In the ninth episode we see the Bulls facing very hard-fought challenges against Utah in 1997 and Indiana in 1998. The player of the role Steve Kerr left its mark on the dynasty. In the tenth episode the Bulls, tired and battered, concluded their ‘Last Dance’ with a sixth championship. Here Jordan 5 seconds from the end, got up for the shot from 6 metres. The rest is history. At the end of this championship victory, Jordan announced his second retirement. Pippen was traded to Rockets, Rodman and Jackson saw his contract not renewed, Longley and Kerr were traded for draft picks.


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