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The advantages of recruiting an international team

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

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Author: Pauline DENOO

Date of publication: 20/04/2022

As the talent shortage continues, more and more jobs require continuous learning and skills development. Therefore, companies need to expand their talent search to attract the best candidates. In addition, the availability of labor is a major development challenge, particularly to support economic growth of companies in specific business sectors. Hence, the intensification of international trade and the emergence of inclusive business models propel international profiles to the forefront. So, recruiting an international team becomes a powerful recruitment solution.

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Access to a network of new qualified talents :

Qualified young talents can bring new perspectives, new dynamics, adaptability, and agility. For example, 38% of the Turkish population is under 25 years old. So, diverse skills and points of view provide everyone with the opportunity to learn and develop oneself.

Diverse perspectives and new opportunities for innovation :

Hiring diverse talent helps to increase creativity, solve problems faster with new ideas, and help businesses get closer to their customers in world markets. Therefore, innovation often arises from the confrontation of reflections, knowledge, and experience.

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International team: increased brand awareness and an opportunity to educate potential candidates

Companies that integrate new international recruitment channels in their hiring strategy attract new talent. Also, this increases the company’s brand awareness on a large scale. Therefore, many companies use these channels as an opportunity to showcase their corporate culture, their workforce and to make students aware of the many opportunities in the sector. As a result, a positive corporate culture increases employee commitment and loyalty by improving both their motivation and their morale.

Diversity, the main driver of innovation :

Knowing how to communicate and make connections across the globe isn’t the only point that makes the difference when recruiting internationally. Specifically, a recruitment process aimed at hiring a variety of profiles offers the company a wider choice of candidates. For example, having a team that has worked in different cultures and markets brings a wealth of ideas. Moreover, employee diversity promotes business growth. So, it is a huge strategic advantage to have a company made up of international teams.

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However, recruitment of skilled foreign workers isn’t the only solution or the miracle solution to recruitment problems. But this is one of the avenues that some companies can explore.

Thus, international recruitment allows :

  • Have access to qualified labor

  • Promote the company at all levels

  • Stimulate the openness and diversity of the company

  • Stimulate mutual support, partnership, and altruism among employees

  • Open up to other ways of working


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