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READ: 3 Remarkable Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Feb 14

Margherita from Vision Factory

Author: Margherita Baraldi

Date of Publication: 07/06/2023

Despite the trend reversal of the pandemic period, reading has not become everyone's habit yet. The reasons for this unstoppable decline are many. On the one hand, we find the increasingly low attention span with which we all have to contend in an increasingly digital age. On the other hand, the little free time we have certainly has been playing a key role. In fact, among our million activities, reading comes in last place extremely often.

READ: 3 Remarkable Marketing Campaigns

In short, reading turns out to be an increasingly unattractive activity. This is because it requires concentration, a great deal of interpretive effort and time to devote. However, books are good for your health and everyone knows it. This is why, in this article, we'll talk about three Remarkable marketing campaigns that made that point pretty clear.

1. Remarkable Marketing Campaigns: The Love Letter

The first example is an remarkable marketing compaigns for the Canadian bookstore chain Indigo Books and Music. In 2004, Indigo created the Love of Reading Fund, a program that helps provide new textbooks and instructional materials. This way, it economically disadvantaged elementary schools. To promote the Fund, Indigo relied on the Toronto-based agency DDB. So, the commercial is a small short film, delicate and simple in its honesty, but extremely effective.

The video was shot in an elementary school classroom. In the beginning, it pictures a teacher giving her English class. While she speaks, a young boy passes a note to the girl sitting close to him. At that point, the teacher, who has seen everything, asks him to give her the note and starts reading it out loud. The teacher's pride in his student's use of language is the core of the commercial. A true gem!

2. Advertising: The right book will always keep you company

The client of this campaign is the Israeli bookstore chain Steimatzky, Israel's oldest. The agency that created it is ACW Grey in Tel Aviv. In particular, the theme is a classic: the ability of books (or at least some of them) to keep us company. However, here it's not presented as a fleeting companionship limited to the very moment of reading. In fact, in this ad, the stories became a constant and comfortable presence in our lives.

As a result, the protagonists of the campaign share their lives with the look-alikes of Don Quixote, Gandalf, Sherlock Holmes, and Pippi Longstocking.

3. Unconventional: the Troy library book burning party

The protagonist of this story is the library in the small town of Troy, Michigan. Awarded in 2009 as one of the ten best libraries in the United States, in 2010 the facility found itself in serious financial trouble. The owners attempted to ask the citizens for a slight tax increase to ensure the library's survival. However, it had to face quite a resistance. There were two votes and, in both cases, the majority of the population voted against funding it. Yet a third and final vote was managed to be scheduled on August 2, 2011.

It was time to play it all out!

This is why the library trusted the Leo Burnett advertising agency, which devised an unconventional marketing strategy. In fact, it set up a fake opposition group, called "Safeguarding American Families". The group in question wasn’t only opposed to funding the library but also organized a big party with an accompanying book bonfire. Sp, the book-burning element struck the chords of popular outrage and reversed the outcome of the August vote.

Brilliant, isn't it?

And you? How much do you read? Are you currently trying to read more?

If so, here are a few steps just for you:

  1. Choose readings that are enjoyable to you.

  2. Allocate this activity to moments of relaxation.

  3. Try reading on the way to school or work.


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