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Market Segmentation and Targeting

Updated: Feb 6

Ahmet Yolu  is the author of the article titled market segmentation and targeting

Author: Ahmet Yolu

Publication date: 31.08.2023

Companies cannot interact with all consumers in broad, large, or diverse marketplaces. They must determine which market segments they can efficiently serve. Identifying and satisfying the right market groups is frequently the key to marketing success. This decision necessitates a thorough understanding of consumer behavior as well as comprehensive strategic consideration of what differentiates each category.

What are the Benefits of Market Segmentation?

  • It is easier to satisfy customers if the market is divided into smaller segments.

  • It is to create value propositions for consumer groups that are tailored to the specific demands of each segment.

  • To pick and prioritize the groupings of customers for market segmentation. This selection procedure eventually contributes to a more efficient use of the enterprise's resources.

  • To improve your chances of gaining an advantage over your opponents.

  • Building and maintaining customer loyalty

What are the difficulties?

  • Selecting a criterion for dividing the market is not straightforward. In general, various market categories must be mutually exclusive.

  • To measure the size of each segment. You will be unable to make an informed decision about which group or segments to target.

segmentation and targeting on Linkedin

What About LinkedIn segments?

  • To create economic opportunity for every professional in the world.

Driven by three customer segments:

  • Job seekers

  • Advertisers

  • Corporate Recruiters

Effective Target Marketing

When determining who sees your adverts, audience targeting enables you to be more precise. You can connect with people all over the internet using audience targeting based on their online activity and the signals it sends about their preferences, interests, and purchasing habits.

segmentation and targeting

Market targeting is essentially selecting one or

more market segments to enter the market. A

group of customers that have a similar set of

needs and wants is referred to as a market segment. It is also the marketer's responsibility to determine the appropriate number and type of market segments and to choose which ones to focus on.

Bases For Segmenting Consumer Markets

segmentation and targeting on Linkedin

Four Approaches to Evaluating and Selecting the Market Segments

A Full Market Coverage Approach

When consumer preferences are less important and the industry lacks natural segments, In fact, it causes uniformity, which decides whether there will be better margins or reduced expenses. However, reaching a large audience is challenging and expensive due to the marketing communication channels' rising profusion.

Multiple Segment Specialization

A company can focus on a certain good or service and market to various groups with related characteristics. Businesses may spread their risks by using a multi-segment specialization strategy. Due to the fact that each market sector has its unique marketing mix, the strategy is also referred to as differentiated market segmentation.

• There may be little or no synergy among the segments, but each promises to be a money maker.

• Two types: product specialization and market specialization

Single Segment Concentration

Businesses that use this method focus on a specific market sector and become leaders in it. They conduct research and employ a concentrated market segmentation strategy, employing a single marketing mix for a specific segment.

A corporation may simply establish a significant market presence and develop an extensive understanding of client wants. Additionally, marketers may break the market down into smaller groups and target a certain niche.

For example, Volkswagen focuses on the small-vehicle market whereas Porsche focuses on the sports car industry.

Individual Marketing

Individual marketing is the process of tailoring a company's goods and services to meet the needs and preferences of specific clients. Regardless of your marketing or business management experience, understanding individual marketing will help you improve the effectiveness of your company's marketing segmentation initiatives. You may evaluate if this issue fits your professional needs by finding out more about it.


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